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Tesla Model 3

The Economist Touts Tesla, Cover Story Reports ICE Is Roadkill

THE ECONOMIST: GOODBYE PETROL, HELLO TESLA The most recent cover story in The Economist* announces, “The death of the internal combustion engine… it had a good run. But the end is in sight.” In a remarkable account, The Economist reports that the internal combustion engine’s “days are numbered. Rapid gains in…

6 months ago by EVANNEX 19

Say What? Oil Companies Admit EV Boom Is Coming

One of the world’s top oil producers says that EVs may make up about one-third of automotive market share by the close of the next decade. Total SA’s top energy analyst, Joel Couse, is more bullish than most when it comes to EV adoption forecasts (especially compared to those with…

10 months ago by Steven Loveday 30

The List Of Tesla Villains Continues To Grow

EVERY DRAMA HAS VILLAINS The funniest thing about Tesla is that Tesla isn’t funny anymore. Some powerful people are becoming increasingly annoyed and increasingly vocal as Don Quixote Musk’s impossible dream of an electric revolution becomes less Quixotic every year. The other funny thing about Tesla is that anyone who tries to whack the company…

2 years ago by Tesla Mondo 139