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Rebates Drive Up EV Sales By 74% In New York

New York governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s office has announced that the new state rebate of up to $2,000 off new plug-in purchases, has contributed to the high growth of plug-in electric vehicle sales in across the state. The Drive Clean Rebate was introduced on March 21, and since then (between…

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Progressive Policies In Some States Will Accelerate Tesla

ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND THE GRID — A LOOK AT PROGRESSIVE POLICIES EMERGING IN CALIFORNIA AND NEW YORK With Tesla CEO Elon Musk forecasting the market for Model 3 vehicles could swell to 700,000 vehicles, the streets may soon be flooded with electric cars. To put that in perspective, the popular BMW 3 Series only has an…

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SmartCharge New York: Get Paid To Charge Your EV

Charging an EV within the service territory of Con Edison in New York recently became a whole lot more rewarding. Thanks to a partnership between Con Edison and FleetCarma, EV owners can earn hundreds of dollars per year for participating. The program is open to private EV owners as well…

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New York Will Launch $2,000 Electric Vehicle Rebate Program

New York will soon become more EV-friendly as officials announced the start of a rebate program for purchasing plug-in cars. It’s expected that by April 1, buyers of zero-emission or plug-in hybrid cars will receive a $2,000 rebate, making the switch to electric drive that much smoother. The National Conference…

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New York State Adds Plug-In Electric Car Incentives

New York State has now shown up on the electric cars incentives radar, with an announcement of a $2,000 per vehicle credit – available for pure electric, plug-in hybrid and of course, hydrogen fuel cell models (if any were to be offered in NY  that is). Making plug-ins even more affordable (on…

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