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2017 National Drive Electric Week Breaks Records

NATIONAL DRIVE ELECTRIC WEEK JUST HAD ITS BIGGEST TURNOUT EVER [GALLERY] We’ve been huge supporters of National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) for years having sponsored some amazing NDEW parties in the past. Last year, the reoccurring theme we noticed was that everyone attending an NDEW event seemed to be getting a Tesla Model 3. This year, according to…

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National Drive Electric Week Set New Records

2015 National Drive Electric Week, held from Sept. 12 to 20, turned out to be another success with record attendance. The number of attendees grew by a third from 95,000 one year ago to over 130,000. The number of events/cities grew too. Breaking its own record again, National Drive Electric…

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National Drive Electric Week Grows To 170 Events

Plug In America expects a record number of cities will take part in the 5th National Drive Electric Week from Sept. 12 to 20, 2015. Electric cars will be presented in over 165 cities (see map) by proud owners. From Hawaii to Vermont, in Canada and Hong Kong, more than…

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