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Tesla Model Y Rendered

Look for a debut sometime in 2019. Earlier this year, Tesla released the first teaser image of a future compact electric crossover it will offer to customers before the end of the decade. Company boss Elon Musk confirmed the vehicle will be developed on a dedicated new platform and will be officially…

4 months ago by Anthony Karr 48

Tesla Model Y Rendered

The only official Tesla Model Y image released to date is dark and shows little of the electric CUV, but that hasn’t stopped various renderers from taking stabs at dreaming up what the Y would look like if we could shed a bit more light on the image. This latest…

5 months ago by Eric Loveday 21

Tesla Model Y

What Should We Expect From The Tesla Model Y?

INFOGRAPHIC: WHAT TO EXPECT FROM TESLA’S MODEL Y With September almost upon us, buzz will kick into high gear for the Tesla Semi. Nevertheless, this launch (scheduled for September 28th) may be a smoke screen for an even bigger project coming from Tesla — the much-anticipated Model Y. We’re already expecting…

6 months ago by EVANNEX 66

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Comes Into View Thanks To New Render

The lineup is beginning to look pretty S3XY! Tesla hasn’t even officially debuted its new Model 3 sedan in full, but already fans of the brand are anxious to see the next-in-line Model Y. Expected to make its debut sometime in 2019, rendering artists at Peisert Design have visualized the…

8 months ago by Jeff Perez 24

Why Not Open Tesla Model Y Orders Now?

WHY NOT START MODEL Y PRE-ORDERS? Too early, you say? Well, let’s see. Model X pre-orders began in February of 2012. Meaningful volume production began four years later, much longer than expected. This time around, a four-year incubation period would actually be expected, true? With Model 3 about to launch…

11 months ago by Tesla Mondo 22