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Despite Tesla’s Struggles, The Growth Has Been Impressive

TESLA DELIVERIES: 100X GROWTH IN FIVE YEARS Earlier this month, Tesla had their analyst earnings call and published their shareholder letter to provide an update on the company’s outlook. Top of mind, of course, was progress on the Model 3. Not surprisingly, production will experience some delays as bottlenecks continue to be resolved…

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Tesla Model 3

Consumer Reports: Tesla Reliability All Over The Map

Interestingly, Consumer Reports published an assumption that the Tesla Model 3 will likely earn average reliability, not to mention the fact that the reviewer has Tesla reliability all over the map. The reason CR’s Model 3 statement is an assumption is that the publication has yet to drive the car….

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Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot 1.0 Compared To 2.0 – Video

What’s the difference between Tesla Autopilot 1.0 and 2.0? Autopilot 2.0 works with a suite of eight cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors, and a forward-facing radar. Additionally, the components are controlled via a chip, which processes and analyzes what they “see”. Last October, Tesla announced that every new vehicle would come with…

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Edmunds Tests Tesla Model X Towing – Video

Rated to tow 5,000 pounds if properly equipped, the Tesla Model X is one of only a few plug-in electric vehicles with this level of hauling capability. How well does the Model X perform while towing out in the real world? To find out, the folks over at Edmunds put…

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Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X Is The Perfect Adventure Vehicle

TESLA MODEL X MIGHT JUST BE THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE VEHICLE Some have said that the Tesla Model X is a car from the future. But, could the Model X also be the ultimate adventure vehicle? Brendan Leonard at Outside* attempted to answer that question in the latest issue of the award-winning adventure travel…

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Tesla Model X Door Ripped Off By Truck – Video

As the door automatically opens in response to a keyfob action, a passing truck rips it right off. Note to self – check for vehicles before pressing the keyfob button to automatically open doors. As you’ll see in the video (9News via YT/CarAdvice), the X flashes its lights, indicating that an…

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Tesla Leads EV Market, With The Model 3 Yet To Be Counted

Wall Street research firms have uncovered more proof of the continuing dominance of Tesla in the fast-growing electric vehicle sector. Statista reports, “Even though Tesla has a policy of not breaking its sales down by market, Moody’s data published by CNBC shows that there is strong demand for its cars in the United…

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Novitec Tweaks Tesla Model X With Subtle Styling Changes

The all-electric SUV gains subtle, yet effective styling upgrades. Shortly after supercharging the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster to 970 horsepower, Novitec is back to show off an entirely different project. The Tesla Model X you see before your very eyes represents the tuner’s first stab at fiddling with an electric…

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Tesla Model 3

What’s To Become Of The Self-Driving Car Market?

IN THE SELF-DRIVING CAR MARKET, WILL THE WINNER TAKE ALL? [INFOGRAPHIC] We all know that, when a new technology becomes established, there are winners and losers. However, the picture is more complex: some companies will be small winners and others will be big winners. Where a particular company ends up…

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