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How Wheel Size Impacts Tesla Model S, X Efficiency

Wheel size impacts range on all vehicles, but it has a greater influence on Tesla vehicles than you may expect. According to older documents just recently released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Tesla vehicle efficiency sees a measurable change dependent on wheel size. Electrek shared Teslike’s analysis of the newly acquired data, which was…

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Tesla Model S P100D

Zero To 60 Designs Shows Off Sleek Tesla Model S P100D – Video

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Despite Tesla’s Struggles, The Growth Has Been Impressive

TESLA DELIVERIES: 100X GROWTH IN FIVE YEARS Earlier this month, Tesla had their analyst earnings call and published their shareholder letter to provide an update on the company’s outlook. Top of mind, of course, was progress on the Model 3. Not surprisingly, production will experience some delays as bottlenecks continue to be resolved…

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Order Your Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Now

20 will be made and you can already order one. While California-based Newport Convertible Engineering has transformed the Tesla Model S into a convertible, a Dutch coachbuilder has come up with a different and more practical conversion. After launching a hearse some time ago, RemetzCar is back to tease its shooting brake…

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Tesla Model 3

Consumer Reports: Tesla Reliability All Over The Map

Interestingly, Consumer Reports published an assumption that the Tesla Model 3 will likely earn average reliability, not to mention the fact that the reviewer has Tesla reliability all over the map. The reason CR’s Model 3 statement is an assumption is that the publication has yet to drive the car….

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Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot 1.0 Compared To 2.0 – Video

What’s the difference between Tesla Autopilot 1.0 and 2.0? Autopilot 2.0 works with a suite of eight cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors, and a forward-facing radar. Additionally, the components are controlled via a chip, which processes and analyzes what they “see”. Last October, Tesla announced that every new vehicle would come with…

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