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Tesla Delays Some Model 3 Deliveries Even More

As Tesla attempts to get a firm grasp on Model 3 production issues and the delivery delays associated with the production problems, the automaker is once again actively pushing back ETAs for some Model 3 reservation holders. As we first reported last last week, Tesla pushed back delivery dates for…

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Complete Audio From Tesla Q3 Call – Video

For those interested in hearing every little detail from Tesla’s recent Q3 earnings call, as well as the tone of the conversation as topics change, you’re now in luck. Here we present complete audio from the call. It’s over an hour in length, so plan accordingly to take it all…

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Tesla Puts Out New Model 3 Video

Sure looks a bit like advertising to us. Either that, or Tesla is trying hard to promote the 3 to perhaps overshadow that production and delivery is behind schedule. Whatever the case may be, we get a few new looks at some Model 3 production processes, as well as a…

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Tesla Delays Model 3 Deliveries

Following last evening’s Q3 earnings report, Tesla issued emails to Model 3 reservation holders noting a delay in delivery timeframes. Per the earnings report: “While we continue to make significant progress each week in fixing Model 3 bottlenecks, the nature of manufacturing challenges during a ramp such as this makes…

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Watch Robots Install Tesla Model 3 Seats, Dash, More – Video

The installation of the dash as mostly a single unit really is something worth watching. Concurrent with Tesla’s Q3 earning report last evening, the automaker released a video showing “general assembly” of the Tesla Model 3. Editor’s Note:  YouTube friendly/extended video (with welding shots) below What you’ll see in the…

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