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Tesla Model 3 P1D Rendered

Tesla Design Upgrade has taken a stock Model 3 photo and added some custom bits to it to come up with the Tesla Model 3 P1D. “Tesla Model 3 P1D Performance and design package with carbon fiber installation. #TeslaDesignUpgrade“ The end results is a sportier looking Model 3, but the…

8 months ago by Eric Loveday 20

Tesla Model 3 Convertible Rendered

Though we’ve yet to even see the production version of the Tesla Model 3 sedan, the first render has surfaced of a Model 3 convertible (though to us it more resembles a toned-down approach to a net-generation tesla Roadster). Renderer Theophilus Chin is responsible for this piece of computer graphics…

9 months ago by Eric Loveday 28

Tesla Model 3 Hatchback Rendered

Make us a hatchback Model 3 please Tesla! The demand for a hatchback version of the Tesla Model 3 certainly seems to be high, but as of yet, Tesla has not committed to doing a five-door version of its upcoming electric car. That hasn’t stopped the renderers from taking a…

2 years ago by Eric Loveday 56