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BMW iNext Likely To Benefit From Intel, Mobileye Deal

A recently announced ~$15 billion acquisition of Mobileye autonomous solutions by Intel will have some serious repercussions for the automotive industry, as Intel-Mobileye is likely to become the major provider of self-driving solutions for many carmakers. Mobileye is engaged in development of computer vision and machine learning, data analysis, localization…

7 months ago by Mark Kane 7

Mobileye To Provide Autonomous Vehicle Technology For Lucid EVs

Lucid Motors has announced a collaboration on autonomous driving tech with Mobileye N.V. Lucid intends to equip its 1,000+ hp, 400 mile all-electric Air luxury supercar cars with a complete sensor suite for full autonomous driving from day one, including cameras, radar and lidar sensors. For its part, the Israeli autonomous…

10 months ago by Mark Kane 6

Tesla Cuts Ties With Mobileye, But Other Automakers Won’t

GENERAL MOTORS ET AL NEED MOBILEYE. TESLA DOESN’T. Tesla can detach from Mobileye and in-source its machine vision technology? That’s great. But this doesn’t mean any normal automaker can follow suit. In this “race to autonomy,” Tesla is a Usain Bolt. It’s a Silicon Valley company from birth, genetically suited for…

1 year ago by Tesla Mondo 13