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Porsche Mission E Rendered In Production Form

Porsche is on a mission: to launch its first-ever EV. This is how it might look. We’ve seen the concept and the prototype (see examples of both below), so it makes perfect sense that our colleagues at OmniAuto (via Motor1) have decided to put the two in their Photoshop blender to create what we believe is…

4 days ago by Adrian Padeanu 24

Porsche Mission E On The ‘Ring

Inching closer to production… The Porsche Mission E has been a vehicle long in the making. The first concept made its debut in 2015, and since then we’ve seen spy photos, heard rumors, and eventually received confirmation of the electric sedan’s addition eventual production. Now, new spy photos prove that the upcoming EV…

6 days ago by Jeff Perez 16

The Porsche Mission E

Porsche CEO Puts Mission E Price At ~$85,000

If pricing proves true, we may have the first reasonable Tesla Model S competitor yet, aside from the Porsche’s lack of adult-sized rear seats. As we previously reported, Porsche is surely moving forward with making its Mission E concept a reality, and apparently, it’s very much like the version we…

1 month ago by Steven Loveday 61

Bentley EXP To Share Platform With Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E And Bentley EXP Will Share The Same EV Platform The entire VW Group will get shared components throughout the range. In an effort to ease the cost of VW Group’s Dieselgate scandal, three of the automaker’s most prominent marques could be working together in development of shared…

6 months ago by Jeff Perez 8

The Porsche Mission E

Porsche Says Mission E Is “Priority One”

All hands on deck…declares Porsche in regards to develop of the pure electric Mission E. Porsche research and development chief Michael Steiner says that the automaker is shifting resources towards the development of the long-range electric Mission E as its now a “top priority” item for Porsche. Steiner noted that this…

12 months ago by Eric Loveday 67