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Faraday Future’s Struggles Continue

It seemed that Faraday Future may have recently turned a corner toward the positive, however, that small dose of good luck may have just run out. Faraday Future has had more than its share of issues throughout its early stages of pursuing a role as a disruptive electric automaker. The…

5 days ago by Steven Loveday 27


LeEco’s Founder Jia Yueting Steps Back From Struggling Business. Faraday Future’s Future Unclear (update)

LeEco, the Chinese parent company of Faraday Future, is currently undergoing a massive restructuring, and now an executive reshuffle after earlier bold plans turned out to be well under-capitalized, causing a cash-crunch at the company. LeEco’s founder Jia Yueting is being replaced as general manager of Leshi Internet Information & Technology Corp…

6 months ago by Mark Kane 28

LeEco Breaks Ground On $3 Billion Factory In China

We have seen many reports that Faraday Future (of whom recently debuted its 378 mile supercar in Las Vegas) may be in trouble. Production is currently halted on its Las Vegas factory, reportedly due to the fact that the company is behind on bills. This hasn’t stopped Faraday’s parent company,…

10 months ago by Steven Loveday 19

Faraday Future Secures $600 Million In Funding

Recently we reported that Faraday Future was facing issues related to unpaid bills, possible work stoppage, and loss of company credibility. New reports state that China-based Leshi Holdings, has rounded up $600 million in secured support for Faraday’s automotive efforts and parent company LeEco’s high-tech business pursuits. According to Reuters,…

12 months ago by Steven Loveday 20