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Ron Baron Talks Tesla, SpaceX, And GM Using Tesla Suppliers

RON BARON DISCUSSES TESLA, SPACEX, AND A CURIOUS MOVE BY GM Renowned mutual fund manager and investment icon Ron Baron of Baron Capital is well-known for his conservative, long-term approach to stock picking over his 46-year career. He’s been compared to Warren Buffett (both for his investing style and outstanding track record)…

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HBO’s Vice Focuses On Tesla Energy – Video

A recent edition of HBO’s VICE News ran an energy segment focusing on Tesla’s new solar energy plant in Hawaii. *The Tesla Energy segment begins around the 19:15 mark. Hawaii is one of the most expensive energy markets in the United States, and the state’s governor, David Ige, is tackling…

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Tesla CTO JB Straubel On Artificial Intelligence and Persistance

TESLA CTO JB STRAUBEL DISCUSSES PERSISTENCE, TEAMS, AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Tesla co-founder and chief technical officer, JB Straubel, was a guest keynote speaker at last year’s Discovery conference put on by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)*. It was a closed door affair and only paid attendees were given an opportunity to…

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Tesla Battery Researcher, Jeff Dahn, Wins Prestigious Award

TESLA BATTERY RESEARCHER WINS AWARD [VIDEO] Jeff Dahn, a leading battery researcher for Tesla, has won the prestigious Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering. CBC News* reports that, “Jeff Dahn has played a large part in making these batteries increasingly efficient… [and] now in collaboration with electric car company Tesla,…

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Tesla CTO JB Straubel Discusses Electric Cars – Video

JB Straubel, Chief Technology Officer at Tesla Motors, had a presentation on electric carsat the 2015 Vail Global Energy Forum. After a short introduction to the history of the company and electric cars, the main message from JB Straubel is similar to the previous presentation year ago – leveraging scale…

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