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Could Tesla Jump Start Japan’s Solar Industry?

Tesla may be the ticket to getting Japan’s solar industry back off the ground. Japan’s current solar energy situation is bleak. This is due in part to the country’s tariff system. Added to this, energy storage units are considerably expensive in Japan. One might assume that Tesla’s Powerwall would price out…

6 months ago by Steven Loveday 3

Toyota City Uses Plug-In Hybrids To Balance Power Supply

Toyota has announced a pretty neat  “Virtual Power Plant” project in Toyota City, Japan utilizing its popular 2nd generation Prius Plug-In (AKA Prius Prime in the US), focusing on local production, and local consumption, of renewable electricity. The Plug-in Prii are to be used as one of several elements to regulate power on the…

6 months ago by Mark Kane 12

Tesla Opened Its Biggest Store Yet In Japan In June

Tesla is moving in on Toyota’s home front. The electric automaker opened its largest store in Japan to date this past June, and it’s located right in the heart of Toyota town. Japan News reports: “The Japanese unit of U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc. opened a directly managed dealership…

6 months ago by Eric Loveday 5

Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Cross 75,000 In February

Nissan LEAF sales in February decreased by 39% year-over-year, from a record setting figure of 2,819 to 1,711; however that was not an unexpected result, as just a year ago Nissan introduced its newer 30 kWh LEAF. In actual fact, sales of the “old” LEAF are still doing quite well in…

10 months ago by Mark Kane 4