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Honda Promises More Retro Electric Concepts Soon

The Urban EV Concept and Sports EV Concept are just the beginning. Following up on the critically acclaimed launch of the Urban EV and Sports EV concepts, Honda’s design boss promises that there are even more electric vehicle show cars to come. “I cannot tell you the exact timing but there will be more EV…

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Tesla Ranked #1 For Safety Feature Availability Via Edmunds

Despite Tesla having long-time update issues with its Autopilot 2.0 software, it’s still significantly ahead of the pack when it comes to what safety features are offered and available. According to Bloomberg, Edmunds refers specifically to autonomous safety features in this assessment, but those are the true features of tomorrow,…

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Honda Shows Off All Sorts Of Crazy EVs In Tokyo

It’s not just cars and bikes Honda has on display in Tokyo – the design team has gone crazy. Honda has taken the covers off a family of small mobility concepts that are unlike anything ever seen before. And of course all this craziness is electric. Alongside the Japanese manufacturer’s show-stealing Sports EV…

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Honda Debuts Sports EV Concept

Please build it, Honda. If you are a fan of the Urban EV concept introduced by Honda last month in Frankfurt, there’s a very good chance you will also appreciate the Sports EV concept as it follows a similar design theme. While the showcar from IAA was envisioned as a petite electric…

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Honda Odyssey Might Get Electrified

Just like how Ford might build an electric F-150, Honda hints that a plug-in Odyssey minivan might be coming in the future. Honda isn’t saying a plug-in Odyssey is in the works, but rather the automaker believes there’s demand for an electrified minivan. This would be part of the automaker’s…

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