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Tesla Model 3

Other Automaker Execs Still Don’t See Tesla As A Threat

AUTO INDUSTRY EXECUTIVES CONTINUE TO DOWNPLAY THE THREAT FROM TESLA Recently, another group of auto industry executives decided to brush off any notion that Elon Musk and company could pose a threat to their brand. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said, “We see Volkswagen as the company that can stop Tesla, because we have abilities…

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Lucid Air Alpha Speed Car

Ford Not Interested In Takeover Of Lucid Motors

Ford says it’s not interested in a takeover of Lucid Motors at this stage of the game. Raising enough funds to build a factory isn’t easy and Lucid Motors is finding that out the hard way now. Lucid Motors chief technology officer Peter Rawlinson previously commented: “We don’t have the money…

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Tesla And The Big Three: It’s Not Fair To Compare

TESLA VS THE BIG THREE – AN UNEVEN CONTEST Elon Musk has said many times that his ultimate goal is to increase the adoption of electric vehicles, a goal that’s advanced with every EV that rolls off a dealer’s lot, even if it’s not a Tesla. “The biggest impact that…

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Ford F-150 PHEV

XL Hybrids Lands New Order For Its Plug-In Ford F-150 Trucks

It seems that interest in plug-in pickup trucks has really grown recently, as we have seen from Havelaar, Bollinger, and the 80 mile, extended range Workhorse W-15 PHEV.  But even past those names, there is also XL Hybrids, with its XLP Plug-In Hybrid Upfit for the Ford F-150. Showing some success with its…

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Ford Brings Back Marakby To Head Electrification Team

After the ouster of former CEO Mark Fields, Ford announced that Sherif Marakby has rejoined Ford as vice president, Autonomous Vehicles and Electrification under new President and CEO Jim Hackett. Marakby, the former director of Ford Electronics and Electrical Systems Engineering, worked for Ford for 25 years but departed to Uber in…

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Tesla Sales Still Tracking Ahead Of Ford Model T

This nifty graphic shows that Tesla sales are actually still ahead of the Ford Model T on a years-after-launch basis. Visual Capitalist recently released a graphic showing how Tesla sales track early Ford Model T production. As you can see, Tesla is still slightly outpacing the Model T, though 2017…

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German Postal Service Turns To Ford For 2,500+ Electric Vans

Deutsche Post’s electrified plans haven’t stopped at just having a massive fleet of StreetScooter EVs, as the German postal service has just announced a deal with Ford to produce even bigger plug-in vans, using the Ford Transit as a base. Initially, Deutsche Post acquired StreetScooter and immediately ramped up production of its own electric delivery…

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Tesla Joins Fortune 500 For First Time

Tesla ranks No. 4 of all new companies on the Fortune 500 list. It’s a big year for the Fortune 500 list, with a total of 20 new companies. Of the 20 newbies, there are 100 year-old companies, brand-new startups, and everything in between. In terms of business type/model, the…

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Ford Might Build Pure Electric F-150

When announcing new details on the 300-plus mile range electric CUV, Ford let it be known that there’s at least a possibility that its hugely popular F-150 truck could someday be offered in full electric form. Ford didn’t confirm that an electric F-150 is coming, but rather the automaker didn’t…

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