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Ford Escape, Lincoln MKC Plug-In Hybrids Coming In 2019

At Ford, electrification means mostly hybrids, but a few plug-ins are included in the mix. While some analysts are making heady predictions about Ford being “all in” on electric vehicles, reports of actual product in development would seem to reflect a rather more conservative approach. According to Automotive News, the…

2 months ago by Domenick Yoney 58

Compact Ford Plug-In Hybrid Coming On New C2 Platform In 2018

According to an exclusive Reuters report: “Ford Motor Co plans to introduce a new hybrid gasoline-electric car in late 2018 to compete against the best-selling Toyota Prius, two sources with knowledge of the company’s plans told Reuters on Wednesday.” “The compact car will be Ford’s first “dedicated” hybrid – that…

3 years ago by Eric Loveday 68