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Faraday Future FF91 Aerodynamics – Video

Faraday Future has released a new video on the aerodynamics of its all-electric model FF 91 that hopefully will move towards production in the not-too-far away future (one can dream). Aerodynamics is one of the most important parts of EV design as it influences the most critical parameter – range….

3 weeks ago by Mark Kane 9

Faraday Future FF 91 Acceleration Reaction Video

Despite the fact that the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous + mode is quicker off the line than the stripped-down Faraday Future FF 91 (and that Faraday is undergoing an onslaught of unpaid bill lawsuits – including one from the FF91’s debut at CES), it’s still entertaining to watch some…

1 year ago by Eric Loveday 15

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Up Close Look At Faraday Future FF 91 – Videos

There are a myriad of videos hitting YouTube about the much-anticipated Faraday Future FF 91. It is the company’s production-intent vehicle that is supposed to be released in 2018, with specific intent to compete with Tesla. The premier at CES in Las Vegas, which was live-streamed on InsideEVs, showed the…

1 year ago by Steven Loveday 14

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Faraday Future’s FF 91 Unveiling Broke The Cringe-O-Meter

FARADAY FUTURE’S GONG SHOW* PERFORMANCE BREAKS THE CRINGE-O-METER Now that we know more about Faraday Future, thanks to Tuesday night’s extravaganza, we can do some comparisons between FF and Tesla. Tesla’s CEO is legitimately involved in product development and production. In fact, he famously sleeps on the factory floor sometimes….

1 year ago by Tesla Mondo 35