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Mercedes-AMG Project One – “Under The Microsope”

At EVS 30, Daimler presented its most-powerful plug-in electric car, the 1,000 hp Mercedes-AMG Project ONE. This Formula One inspired model is not a concept, but a limited-edition production car for on-road use (with an affordable price tag of just €2.3 million, but all 275 units sold out immediately). The Mercedes-AMG…

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Chevrolet Bolt

Which States And Cities Are Truly Embracing Electric Vehicles?

THESE U.S. CITIES AND STATES ARE EMBRACING ELECTRIC VEHICLES We recently uncovered the top cities worldwide where today’s electric vehicle movement is taking hold. Much of the action appears to be cities located in China and Norway. That said, what about cities in the United States? CBS News points out that, “[US] Cities this summer banded together to pledge to…

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According To Edmunds, Tesla Could Make 2018 The Greenest Year To Date

EDMUNDS: DRIVEN BY TESLA, 2018 WILL BE THE AUTO INDUSTRY’S GREENEST YEAR EVER It’s been argued 2017 marked the beginning of the end of the internal combustion engine. Could 2018 deliver a significant upsurge in vehicle electrification? It turns out that Dealer Marketing Magazine reports, “2018 is looking to be the greenest year yet for…

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Tesla Model S

The EV Revolution Has Been Ignited, And Now It’s Unstoppable

THE TURNING POINT FOR ELECTRIC CARS IS FAST-APPROACHING The original mission of Tesla was to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. That mission is beginning to bear fruit as the auto industry (and countries worldwide) are committing to vehicle electrification. When can we expect the turning point? Some argue that it’s beginning this…

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Which International Cities Are Leading Electric Vehicle Growth?

THESE CITIES ARE DRIVING ELECTRIC VEHICLE GROWTH WORLDWIDE What cities are driving the electric vehicle revolution around the world? This question was just addressed by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). It turns out that their recent report includes: “cities with the highest electric vehicle uptake through 2016 and examines the associated…

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