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Tesla Roadster

The New Tesla Roadster Aims To Upstage Top-Rated Supercars

THE NEW TESLA ROADSTER JUST SHUT DOWN THE WORLD’S BADDEST SUPERCARS The Tesla Semi may revolutionize trucking, but more importantly, it makes a stylish hauler for the fastest production car ever built. When Tesla rolled out the Model S P100 with Ludicrous Mode in 2015, its 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds made…

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Tesla Model 3

It Seems Tesla Has Some Undisclosed Battery Breakthroughs

ELON MUSK COULD BE CONCEALING CHARGING AND BATTERY BREAKTHROUGHS AT TESLA Elon Musk and Tesla have made some bold claims for the new Tesla Semi and Roadster. Those who understand batteries have been scratching their figurative heads trying to figure out how the company can deliver the specs it’s promising…

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Electric Vehicles

There’s Really No Consensus Designing Electric Vehicles

HOW SHOULD AUTOMAKERS DESIGN THEIR ELECTRIC VEHICLES? THERE’S NO CONSENSUS. Most consumer products tend to become more uniform as their market matures. You’d be hard-pressed to find much practical difference among appliances, computers, or even smartphones, from different brands. That’s because, over the years, companies learn what features are important…

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Ex-Top Gear Co-Host Jeremy Clarkson Changes His Tune About Tesla

JEREMY CLARKSON ONCE DISSED TESLA ON TOP GEAR, HAS HE FINALLY COME AROUND? [VIDEO] In 2012, BBC’s TV show, Top Gear, became the most widely watched TV program in the world. Part of the reason for the show’s wild success was it’s outspoken, controversial co-host, Jeremy Clarkson. However, the controversy came to a head…

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Tesla Model S

CNBC Says The Tesla Model S P100D Is “Perception-Warping”

CNBC: TESLA MODEL S P100D HAS MIND-BOGGLING, PERCEPTION-WARPING, OFF-THE-LINE SAVAGERY Recently, CNBC published an article reminding us that, “The Tesla Model S P100D is still the coolest car you can buy.” Yes, Tesla’s new Roadster could be even cooler, but it’s not hitting the streets until (earliest) 2020. And, with so much buzz surrounding the Model 3, it’s hard to…

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Tesla Model 3

Despite Struggles, Tesla Steals Market Share From Rivals

With the Model 3 slowly but surely rolling off Tesla’s assembly line, many are pondering the impact that the revolutionary EV is likely to have on the overall auto market. Will Model 3 take market share away from popular mid-size luxury sedans? Any crystal ball-gazer wishing to answer that question…

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Elon Musk

How About Some Elon Musk Economics And Cost Reduction

ELON MUSK’S ECONOMICS: ROCKETS AND ELECTRIC CARS AT A TENTH OF THE CURRENT PRICE [VIDEO] Elon Musk is widely admired for his daring vision and for his technological achievements. His talents in the financial and economic realms are less often celebrated, but they are no less important to his success….

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Electric Cars

Global Insights: The Electric Car Race, Automakers And Countries

WHICH COUNTRIES AND COMPANIES ARE POISED TO WIN THE ELECTRIC CAR RACE? Electric cars are on a collision course with the status quo. Oilprice just published an article titled, Electric Vehicles And The 5 Trillion Dollar Market Transition, in which Peter Tertzakian writes, “There is little debate in my mind that big changes are forthcoming… When…

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Tesla Model S

The EV Revolution Has Been Ignited, And Now It’s Unstoppable

THE TURNING POINT FOR ELECTRIC CARS IS FAST-APPROACHING The original mission of Tesla was to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. That mission is beginning to bear fruit as the auto industry (and countries worldwide) are committing to vehicle electrification. When can we expect the turning point? Some argue that it’s beginning this…

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Las Vegas’ SEMA Includes Some Crazy Tesla Modifications

SEMA SHOW: CHECK OUT THESE WILD TESLA MODIFICATIONS The SEMA show in Las Vegas is the largest automotive specialty parts trade show in the world drawing over 70,000 attendees. I attended the show last week in order to check out new parts and accessories that Tesla owners might be interested in — some will be premiering…

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