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Check Out Shell’s EV Charging Stations

So @shell branded #EV charging. The tipping point approaches. — Dave Davies (@dodavies) September 24, 2017 It seems Shell is living up to its word, and making its way into EV charging. As we previously reported, the company that owns Shell gas stations was in the midst of plans…

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Which Countries Are Paving The Road To An EV Future?

THESE COUNTRIES ARE LEADING THE WAY TO AN EV REVOLUTION Countries worldwide are taking an aggressive stance in order to expedite the transition to electric vehicles. Yet automakers are moving slowly — the Big Three in Detroit are mostly taking a wait-and-see approach with vehicle electrification. And Germany’s finest are also dragging their feet. One automaker, Tesla, is…

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Fastned Expands Into Germany

Netherlands-based EV charging company, Fastned, will open several stations in Germany, prior to the release of a myriad of upcoming electric vehicles from several OEMs. Fastned has plans in place to construct a fast-charging network throughout Europe, and securing multiple locations in Germany is a significant step forward. The company…

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Tesla’s Network Of Destination Chargers Now Over 5,000 Sites

Tesla continues to expand its Destination Charging network, entering nine new countries since January 2017, now including over 1,000 new chargers globally. We often hear about the Supercharger network, due to its exclusivity, along with the ability for Tesla drivers to charge quickly while traveling. But, the electric automaker is also working…

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Tesla Model 3 To Lead To Supercharger Apocalypse?

What is the ratio of Tesla vehicles per Supercharger in busy areas, and will Model 3 owners face impossible odds when attempting to join the already overcrowded locations? Who better to dissect the data behind Tesla’s Supercharger situation than Ben Sullins of Teslanomics? Ben took the time to pore over…

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