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Major Milestone: BMW i3 #100,000 Rolls Off Assembly Line

BMW has just reached the ‘coming of age’ milestone of producing it 100,000th i3 from the company’s assembly facility in Leipzig, Germany. The i3 has been produced there since late 2013, and recently received a quasi-face lift for the 2018 model year and also the introduction of the slightly sportier i3s version (and also…

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Tesla Powerwall Orders Piling Up In Midwest

The Tesla Powerwall (energy storage system) is getting more and more interest from Midwest, where consumers would also like to store solar surplus electricity, and have backup power. As a case in point, St. Paul-based All Energy Solar, one of the first in the country offer Tesla Powerwall installations, has…

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Southern Company Adds Tesla Powerpacks To Clean Up Its Act

Southern Company just launched its McCrary Battery Energy Storage Demonstration project, complete with a 250 kW / 1 MWh Tesla Powerpack system. The relatively small installation finds a home in Pensacola, Florida. The 2 year research effort will perhaps be followed by larger projects in the future.  Although the benefits and costs…

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BMW Provides Batteries For 3 MW Energy Storage System

Dutch company Alfen, has delivered a 3 MW energy storage system for Nuon’s Prinses Alexia Windpark in Zeewolde, the Netherlands. What we find interesting with this installation, is that the energy storage system (ESS) consists of multiple BMW car battery packs, that combine to store any surplus of wind energy, so that…

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