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What If Tesla Had Its Own Proprietary AI Assistant?

TESLA SHOULD LAUNCH AN AI ASSISTANT When Tesla unveiled the Model 3 in early 2016, people were shocked at the minimalism and simplicity of the car’s interior. Everything in the car is controlled through a single touchscreen. When compared to a 2016 BMW 3 series, the difference is striking. *This article comes to…

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Boring Company Hopes To Expand LA Tunnel

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is seeking approval for his Boring Company to dig further into Los Angeles. The whole point of Musk’s Boring Company came about due to his beef with California traffic. We’re not really sure there’s anyone that isn’t frustrated by road congestion and traffic jams, and Musk…

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Analyst Predicts Musk Will Leave Tesla

Will Tesla CEO Elon Musk step down in the coming years? This isn’t the first time we’ve heard people predict that Tesla’s Musk may make a move away from the automaker at some point in the near future. There was a point in time that it seemed as though this…

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Boring Company Hopes To Build High-Speed Loop In Chicago

The Boring Company will compete to fund, build & operate a high-speed Loop connecting Chicago O’Hare Airport to downtown — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 30, 2017 Chicago needs an express train to deliver passengers from O’Hare to downtown in 20 minutes or less, and Elon Musk’s Boring Company will…

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How About Some Elon Musk Economics And Cost Reduction

ELON MUSK’S ECONOMICS: ROCKETS AND ELECTRIC CARS AT A TENTH OF THE CURRENT PRICE [VIDEO] Elon Musk is widely admired for his daring vision and for his technological achievements. His talents in the financial and economic realms are less often celebrated, but they are no less important to his success….

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What’s In Store For The Future According To Elon Musk?

PREDICTING THE FUTURE WITH ELON MUSK [INFOGRAPHIC] Predictions about the future are as common as fast food these days – and most of them have about the same nutritional value. However, among the legions of talkers, there are also doers – the people who are actually creating the future. Elon…

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