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Electrovaya Receives €18.5 Million Order

Electrovaya announced that its new, wholly-owned German subsidiary Litarion received a €18.5 million (nearly $21 million) order for lithium-ion battery products from an undisclosed German company in the non-automotive space. For Electrovaya, those are relatively high values and €2.8 million (over $3.1 million) of the order will be delivered this year….

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Electrovaya’s Revenues Surge In Q2

After Electrovaya acquired Evonik Litarion in Germany, revenues surged to $6 million making the second quarter of 2015 the company’s strongest quarter in a long time. With two more quarters to go, year 2015 could be the best since at least 2010 for Electrovaya, although it’s still too early to…

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Electrovaya Enters Battery Energy Storage Segment

Electrovaya found its first volume customer for graphite NMC lithium-ion electrodes produced by its brand new subsidiary Litarion GmbH acquired recently from Evonik. Leclanché S.A. intends to use those materials in large-format lithium-ion cells. According to the press release, those cells will be designed for energy storage systems and industrial applications….

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Electrovaya Acquires Evonik Litarion GmbH And Licensing IP From Evonik

Canadian battery manufacturer Electrovaya announced acquisition of Evonik Litarion GmbH together with licensing SEPARION intellectual property “a unique ceramic composite separator” from Evonik. Electrovaya revealed a desire to take over lithium-ion electrodes and ceramic composite separators manufacturing facility “at a fraction of the tangible asset value“ half-year ago. Now, Electrovaya…

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Electrovaya Increased Revenues To $7.4 Million In FY 2014

The small Canadian lithium-polymer battery manufacturer Electrovaya announced that in FY 2014 (ending September 30, 2014) revenues increased by 161% year-over-year to $7.4 million. More good news is that the direct manufacturing costs stand at $4.582 million, which means that $2.822 million in income comes from production, although adding all…

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Electrovaya’s Targets In Its Own Battery Gigafactory

Electrovaya announced plans of a transformational acquisition of a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with capacity of about 0.5 Gigawatt hours (GWh) of lithium ion electrodes and other products. For now, we don’t know who is selling this facility or where it exists, but Electrovaya wants to acquire it “at a fraction…

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Electrovaya Reports Revenue Growth Of 1400 %

Battery manufacturer Electrovaya, supplier of lithium-ion batteries for Dongfeng Motors, announced that revenues in the quarter ending June 30 amounted to $2.131 million. Thanks to a low base, this is 1,400% more than in 2013. Electrovaya seems to ramping-up production after $1.835 million revenues in Q1, however net losses for…

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Electrovaya Delivers Next-Generation Battery to Dongfeng Motors

Electrovaya announced that it has “delivered its next generation of prototype battery packs to Dongfeng Motors in China.” Electrovaya refers to Dongfeng as a “leading Chinese automaker embarked on an electric vehicle program which includes two electric vehicle platforms.” Back to the next-generation battery. “Due to ongoing improvements in the…

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