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Number Of Charging Points In London Will Double In 2018

Transport for London (TfL) announced this Summer that the charging infrastructure in the British capital will get a further boost of some £4.5 million ($5.8 million). In total, up to 1,500 new charging stations in 2018 will nearly double the capacity of the current network.  And double is certainly a number…

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Proterra Becomes First U.S. Electric Bus Maker To Join CharIN CCS

Proterra has become the first North American EV bus manufacturer to become a member of the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN e.V.), which is an international standardization organization to develop and establishing the Combined Charging System (CCS) – DC fast charging. CharIN is trying to leverage adoption of CCS Combo, which on the…

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Australia Will Build An Electric Super Highway To Support EVs

Queensland in Australia soon will get an electric vehicle Super Highway, which enable zero emission driving through 1,800-km (1,118-mile) of its east coast, alongside the Great Barrier Reef. The major hardware supplier for the project is Tritium (Veefil fast chargers), supplemented by Schneider Electric (EVlink fast chargers). At first, the…

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