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Here’s Why The Cadillac ELR Is Not A Failure

“Is it too early to call the ELR—at least in sales terms—a failure? Or is it time?” Asked Motor Authority, who then stated: “…having a two-year supply of anything on hand seems like bad business.” More than 1,500 ELRs were in inventory at the time of publication, with Cadillac selling ranging…

3 years ago by Eric Loveday 54

Cadillac Starts Shipping ELRs Early (w/video)

Although the Cadillac ELR was not expected to land at select dealerships until January of 2014, General Motors has announced that brand, plug-in Cadillacs are now leaving its Hamtramck, Michigan facility where the Chevrolet Volt is made. The ELR shares much of the componentry with its sister car the Chevrolet Volt,…

4 years ago by Jay Cole 24