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BMW i3 Rex Vs Chevrolet Volt – Drag Race Video

A few days ago, InsideEVs contributor David Murray (also know as the “The 8-Bit Guy” on Youtube), filed a test drive review on a steal of a BMW i3 REx (range extended vehicle) he picked up last week. And in so doing promised to take the BMW, and his 2nd generation…

1 year ago by Jay Cole 42

BMW i3 w/Range Extender Vs. Chevrolet Volt

Even though the ink on the BMW press release for the i3 has yet to dry, the first comparison of the Bimmer with range extender vs the Chevrolet Volt is now underway. Now to preface this report, it is not so much how the BMW i3 REx drives vs the…

5 years ago by Jay Cole 58