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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Stock Goes Rocketing Skyward Once Again

TESLA STOCK: PATIENT SHAREHOLDERS WILL BE REWARDED With Tesla announcing its second quarter financial results this week, Wall Street sent the stock rocketing upwards once again. Short sellers lost almost $800 million in the following two days as a result of Tesla’s explosive rally. TSLA closed Friday at $356.91 (real time quote here), up from…

5 months ago by EVANNEX 19

Bloomberg Goes Inside Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla’s Gigfactory is beginning to get more recent press, and visits are becoming more regular. Bloomberg was the most recent on the visitor’s list. The report explained the lobby decorations as “classic Tesla”: “Large windows, high ceilings, gleaming white floors, black leather chairs. One of the Powerwall home batteries made…

2 years ago by Steven Loveday 56

Video: Elon Musk Reveals More Gen III Tesla Details

Following General Motors’ recent announcement that it was working on a 200-mile electric vehicle priced on the cheap, Bloomberg’s Betty Liu hit the airwaves on “Movers & Shakers.” The focus of the clip wasn’t General Motors though. It wasn’t GM CEO Dan Akerson who spoke. It was Tesla CEO Elon…

4 years ago by Electric CarsTV 26