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How About Renting A Tesla On Your Next Vacation?

HERE’S HOW TO RENT A TESLA ON YOUR NEXT VACATION If you’re a Tesla owner, there’s nothing worse than having to rent a noisy, slow, sputtering gas guzzler on your vacation. You’ll want the silent speed of your Tesla to enjoy yourself on the road. And if you don’t own a one,…

5 months ago by EVANNEX 17

AVIS Denmark Orders 401 Nissan e-NV200 & 60 LEAFs

AVIS Denmark is expanding its already huge electric car fleet, which are offered for lease. After 400 LEAFs bought last year, now the company ordered a further 60 and 401 e-NV200 vans. In total AVIS will then have 861 electric Nissans, which makes them Nissan’s largest electric vehicle customer ever….

3 years ago by Mark Kane 7