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Tesla Model 3

There May Be More Critical Tesla Model 3 Details To Come

IS THERE MORE TO TESLA’S MODEL 3 THAN MEETS THE EYE? We know that Tesla designed Model 3 to be capable of full Level 5 autonomy (self-driving), and we know that the company envisions a future autonomous ride-sharing system called the Tesla Network, which will allow owners to rent out their…

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Tesla Autopilot

Tesla’s Autopilot Is The Frontrunner In Vehicle Autonomy

AI AND AUTOPILOT: HOW TESLA IS WINNING THE RACE TO ACHIEVE VEHICLE AUTONOMY [INFOGRAPHIC] At the intersection of self-driving tech and artificial intelligence, lies the future of personal transport. And Tesla continues to lead the industry as it collects billions of miles of data collected from Tesla’s fleet. Now, according to Charlotte Hu at…

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Tesla Shot Down Uber’s Self-Driving Partnership Idea

Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, shared that he pitched an Uber/Tesla partnership, but Elon Musk wasn’t a fan. A new book entitled Wild Ride, written by Adam Lashinsky of Fortune magazine, contains the information divulged by Kalanick. Reportedly, Kalanick reached out to Musk after Apple invested $1 billion in China’s top-tier ride-sharing company Didi…

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