T Sportline Changes The Face Of Tesla Model S With Version 2 Nosecone Grille – Video


T Sportline Model S Nosecone

T Sportline Model S Nosecone

Tesla tuner and uploader of this video, T Sportline, is now offering a unique face for the Model S:

“Change the face of your Tesla” with the T Sportline Tesla Model S NCGv2 Nosecone Grille.

The NCGv2 is a complete replacement Nosecone Grille for your Tesla Model S. We offer the NCGv2 with or without parktronic sensor holes to accommodate all Tesla Model S. Transfer your factory “T” emblem and horizontal “V” chrome trim from your original nosecone grille.

If interested in the T Sportline Tesla Model S NCGv2 Nosecone Grille, then additional details, including pricing, are available here.

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23 responses to "T Sportline Changes The Face Of Tesla Model S With Version 2 Nosecone Grille – Video"
  1. Jelloslug says:

    Not feeling it.

    1. ffbj says:


  2. Carsten says:

    It’s a Ford!?

  3. Goaterguy says:

    So you go to Pep Boys and buy two chrome strips…
    IMHO, no aftermarket manufacturer has been able to improve on the looks of the Model S. I don’t think that the Model S is perfect on the looks department, any Maserati looks better but (want to say that I’m not a blind fanboi) but again, nobody has been able to improve on it.

  4. kdawg says:

    How about something more Tesla-ish?

    1. Jeff D says:

      I wouldn’t mind it, but I can see it being a little much for others.

      1. kdawg says:

        Like Jelloslug & Rick, LOL.

        1. MDEV says:

          Anything is better than the Fugly original nosecone

    2. Jelloslug says:

      That’s awful.

    3. Rick Danger says:

      Um, sorry, no.

  5. Mart says:

    Stuck in the box thinking, like putting simulated wood grain into Hardie plank siding, faux cuff buttons on a sports jacket, etc.. There’s no need for a “nose cone” at all other than to mimic a grill that’s not needed. These guys want to throw it back one more step.

  6. David says:

    From the first time I saw the nose cone I thought tricking out the appearance of it would be a common thing. Different colors, carbon fiber look, etc. But I’ve never even seen a photo of a mod until now.

  7. Driverguy01 says:

    This car has such sexy curves, it needs a nice cleavage up front, not a cone.
    Is that sexist?;)

  8. eco Logical says:

    Why would anyone want to put a ‘grille’ on an electric car? It detracts from aerodynamics and reminds me of an ICE car! If I was going to add a nosecone I’d like an even sleeker look.

  9. OB1 says:

    Yes the model S needs a grille on the front and exhaust pipes on the back.

    1. kdawg says:

      How else are we going to roll-coal in our Teslas?

  10. Rick says:

    I like it. Anything that blurs the line between EV and ICE is a good thing. Are you listening, Nissan?

  11. Chip says:

    he Tesla model S looks surprisingly mature on the road, although the nosecose is the least successful part.
    The VW Karmann Ghia celebrated not needing a grill.

    1. Jay says:

      Yeah you right Chip! The nosecone has always looked like the cheapest, least thought-though piece on a Model S, like some sort of vestigial grille. The Karmann Ghia nose was prone to damage, but it’s a beautiful proboscis with functional nostrils that provide free cabin ventilation.
      Tesla, don’t put a cheap plastic nosecone on front, as if you’re afraid of getting hit- put your best face forward!

  12. Rick Danger says:

    I like it too.
    We can argue whether or not the Model S needs a nosecone, but since it already has one, I think this improves the look of it.

  13. Toli says:

    It is precisely the lack of a grille, or air intake, that characterizes the S and puzzles the unaware onlooker. To this effect, I would choose a nosecone with identical color to the bodywork.

    I find this a bAD ( a bad ad) since I would choose any of the iconics over the S. especially the Bentley. But lets not be greedy, the puny 2 door convertible would do fine

  14. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    Well, if you want your Model S to look like an Aston Martin.


    Not that the Astin Martin looks bad, by any means, but if you’ve got a real Tesla, why not flaunt it?

  15. Samwise says:

    How to make your state of the art electric car look like a crappy old internal combustion machine in one easy step!