Sydney Airport Unveils Australia’s First Electric Airport Bus (w/videos)

NOV 24 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

Sydney Airport has introduced Australia’s first electric airport bus – one of six that will be operating on-site by the end of this year.

The Toro bus was produced jointly by BYD (naturally) and Carbridge.  According to BYD, the range of the ebus is good for up to 400 km (250 miles) while carrying 70 passage and all their gear.

Carbridge Toro (BYD)

Carbridge Toro (BYD)

In total, Sydney Airport has now invested $5 million (AUD) in environmentally friendly ground transport technologies.

“The Electric Blu bus is the first of a fleet of six electric buses to be operational by the end of this year, replacing the airport’s existing diesel bus fleet servicing the shuttle route between the T2/T3 terminal precinct and the Blu Emu Car Park.”

“The fleet of Blu Emu electric buses will deliver carbon emission reductions of approximately 160 tonnes per year and improve local air quality through zero tailpipe emissions. The fleet will also lower external noise levels, reduce waste fluids to zero and decrease the amount of toxic material generated during servicing.

Electric Blu is a ‘Toro’ model electric bus, created by Carbridge in a joint venture with the world’s leading global electric bus manufacturer BYD.”

“The Electric Blu bus has a carrying capacity of 70 passengers, features purpose-designed luggage storage racks and has a range of 400km on a single charge. Sydney Airport has invested in charging stations and other ancillary equipment to support the deployment of the new electric bus fleet.

The airport is also currently trialing electric cars as part of its ground transport fleet and investigating solar-powered charging stations to further decrease carbon emissions, while research and development is underway for recycling and reuse of batteries and other components.”

 Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Kerrie Mather said:

“We’re proud to be the first Australian airport to introduce electric buses to our Parking and Ground Transport operations, which will reduce our carbon footprint and enhance the passenger experience,”

“These state-of-the-art electric buses can make up to 100 transfer journeys on a single charge, providing a clean and sustainable transport option for the two million travellers, visitors and airport workers who use the Blu Emu shuttle service every year.”

Carbridge Chief Executive Officer Luke Todd said:

“Carbridge is delighted to deliver to Sydney Airport this country’s first electric airport bus and in partnership with BYD we are excited to be at the forefront of electric bus manufacturing in Australia,”

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with only 6 BMW i3s sold last month in Australia, no new Nissan Leafs at all, and no other mainstream BEVs sold, a new plug-in battery electric bus in operation with 5 to follow is something to celebrate.

I’ll now return to the foetal (fetal) position in the corner of the room as I think about Australia’s seriously inadequate policies on cutting climate pollution.


Yes, mainly in Australia they are coal oriented, and do not believe Climate change.
No serious political will, as far as Electric Vehicles , and any subsidies to encourage EV uptake, is apparent, nor planned as far as I know, which , at $62000 for the Volt when it was available, might have made a difference in numbers sold.
But—- Good on you Sydney Airport, for showing the way forward – a great advertisement for both Sydney Airport, and BYD, and EV transport.

You think it would more of a no-brainer with all they sun they get. Probably in a decade or two they could get almost completely off ff, for energy production, if the entire country was motivated to do so. I know coal rules there but there must be an undercurrent of solar power that is growing.

Nice droneage.

Unfortunately Australia lacks well behind in EV take up. We have no incentives, no rebates, no advantages. I bought an Outlander PHEV in March and have done 13600 kms so far for just $220 AUD in fuel. People are blown away by the car and the saving, but because there are no incentives manufacturers are not bringing EV’s or PHEVs into Australia as the are too expensive and don’t sell. I love my PHEV and we have a Model 3 on order too. Well done Sydney Airport, I may have to pop over from Perth for a ride someday soon.

Good on you Sydney Airport, for showing the way forward – a great advertisement for both Sydney Airport, and BYD, and EV transport.
Thanks for sharing.