Swiss-Made Elextra EV Appears As Nio EP9 Rival

MAY 26 2017 BY MARK KANE 6

Meet ELEXTRA, the apparent latest contender for the quickest road-legal electric car – designed in Switzerland, and to be build in Germany as competitor to Nio EP9 and Porsche Mission E.


The concept, shown in these four first images, promises great performances:

  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.3 seconds using double motor (680 hp) all-wheel drive powertrain
  • 600 km (371 miles) of range
  • 250 km/h (155 mph) top speed

Not bad for 4-seat, 4-door electric car, but the prototype is expected next Spring, while production by the Classic Factory is penciled in for 2019.

The price of ELEXTRA would be between €400,000 to €500,000.

With all that said, and given the NIO EP9 is a real car…and currently holds the all-time production record lap time at Nurburgring (gas or electric), we are going to suggest that potential EP9 owners are unlikely to opt for the ELEXTRA at this point.

“ELEXTRA will be hand-built near Stuttgart, in Germany, by one of the world’s leading companies specialized in low-volume manufacturing with the highest quality imaginable.

ELEXTRA expects to build no more than 100 cars of this first model, which will hence be extremely exclusive. Behind the project stands Swiss designer Robert Palm, CEO of Classic Factory in Switzerland.

Robert Palm says: ‘The idea behind ELEXTRA is to combine pure lines reminding of the most exciting Italian super cars of the past, whilst being resolutely forward looking thanks to its low, sleek and beautiful design, paired with today’s most advanced technology.'”



“Built around a stiff and extremely strong carbon fibre tub,

ELEXTRA benefits from a lightweight, advanced and superbly

designed carbon fibre body shell. The achieved weight gain is hence nearly 25% less than conventional aluminium constructions.

ELEXTRA features a dual motor electric drivetrain, which delivers a substantial improvement over conventional all-wheel drive systems.

The torque is electronically and independently distributed to the front and rear wheels. The result is unparalleled traction in all conditions.

The 680 hp* dual motors catapult ELEXTRA from standstill to 100 km/h in less than 2.3 seconds, which simply makes it the quickest street legal car in the world. The top speed is limited to 250 km/h.

ELEXTRA is extremely quick, but also extremely efficient: the range at 100 km/h reaches 600 km.”


source: Autocar

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All the image links are broken on my page for the article header as well as the article link. I have images for all other articles and pages for this site though. Tried multiple browsers with the same outcome.

was broken for me too, seems to be fixed now.

Hey Fellas,

Yes, back up now. We just finished a server migration, and apparently we lost ~48 hours worth of media/image files.

Working through the backlog now to restore all the pics again, (=

Sorry for the inconvenience

The ELEXTRA looks gorgeous … and powerful … just wish I could afford it.

They will sell 1,000 units of this stuff and then stop. This is not going to help the cause of Electric vehicle or environment.

I doubt that they will sell 10 let alone a 1000. It’s a very pretty but it’s essentially a custom car and if you are buying a custom car why not get a one off that was built to your specifications.