SwinCar E-Spider Car Thing (w/video)


Happy Sunday – and while we try to brush up on our French and find out more information on this unit, enjoy the video of the SwinCar – a totally-articulated, four-wheel-drive (OK, not technically a spider) electric kind-of-silly-but-not-a-scooter thing.  You can say what you want, but, if nothing else, perfect application of independent hub-drive electric motors? Yes.

Here’s the “Official Trailer”, with awesome shots of the French countryside, along with Awesome Lotus, and Lotus Driver-turned-SwinCar Thief.

SwinCar thief sizing up her mark

SwinCar thief and Awesome Lotus sizing up her mark

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“SwinCar E-Spider Car Thing”

It might be appropriate to call this a “go-kart thing” or an “ATV thing”, but certainly not a “car thing”. I seriously doubt this will be licensed to drive on public roads.

Golf “carts” are more technically referred to as golf cars. As are the units of a train.

It doesn’t look very comfortable. Pretty squirrelly looking handling with the wheels going up and down that much.

I’d say the opposite. While not exact, but the wild degrees of movement the trail arms offer hints to something close to the Citroen 2CV.

While known for having a very soft suspension, the 2CV kept all wheels in contact with the road, offering better safety and handling.

Yup. It’s said the 2CV was designed so a farmer could drive across a ploughed field with a basket of eggs on the seat without breaking any.

This thing is really neat. I wonder if the Pentagon has seen it? 🙂

“offering better safety and handling.???”
You have obviously either never driven a 2CV or don’t have any idea what a good handling car feels like!
Then again, if you are an American it’s bloody obvious that you’ve never driven a good handling car…

Eh.. No, I’m Irish. I was never lucky enough to drive a 2CV, but I’ve driven an Xantia (but it’s hardly close except for the rear trail arms). I’m not basing the 2CV on the Xantia anyway. But it is a good handling car (compared to most normal cars) around a corner. It’s no Lotus Elise or Smart Roadster. Even if the 2CV’s wing mirrors scrape the road, it has a good reputation. I am aware that they under steer under stress with their narrow tires, but that’s about it. There’s quite a lot going for it. It’s obviously very light, it has in board brakes beside the engine to keep in the weight in the centre. Citroen was owned by Michelin for years and they would’ve supplied Citroen with the right tires. While as a prototype in the 30s, examples had a broad use of Aluminium and Magnesium in the chassis. By how the 2CV’s suspension operates, it has springs that run laterally on either side of the car, and are shared by the front and back wheels of that side. It’s brilliantly complicated in a French fashion, I can’t remember completely, but I recall that when the front… Read more »

This thing is awsome!
It’s articulated like nothin else and it look very agile.
Are those for sale?

I’d buy one in a heart beat if the price and AER was reasonable. It also needs better anti-theft protection. 😉

From the company’s website linked in the body of the story:

“To start, 2 different Swincar versions are available :

– Swincar 2 wheel steering

– Swincar 4 steering wheels

Orders are open for these models now with an expected delivery end of October

A two-seat version is underway and will be available for order in October”

The website is in French with links on some webpages to click for an English translation. I was looking for the price, AER, and battery size, but was unable to find it listed anywhere.



I did notice somewhere that the battery lasts for 4 hours, but would love to know the price of these, I’m a paraplegic who likes to take photos and there is loads of places I can’t get to in a wheelchair that I would like to and one of these would be ideal, I just hope they don’t take liberties when they realise the advantage to the disabled and then do as wheelchair company’s bed company’s etc. and charge ridiculously high prices.

I agree, it’s awesome!! As for the handling (suspension), probably tires with higher sidewalls? In F1, the sidewalls are designed as part of the suspension, so why not put it to use to dampen the vibrations on the hub motors?


I like it, but I don’t have any use for it. We have a place nearby, Carolina Adventure World, that rents ATVs and motorcycles on 2,600 acres with about 100 miles of off road trails. I would love for them to get a few of this electric OHVs. I would rent them for sure.

Looks like it would make a good NASA Moonbuggy to me.

Any one get a price on this thing, they claim 10,000 made/sold…

why oh why, do they provide inaccurate info on a product, so no one knows where to buy one or how much it costs, its just a PR stunt for investors.