Swedish Police Report “Positive Reactions” To Testing Of Electric Cars


As part of a broader plan to phase out internal combustion engine cars by 2030, Sweden has been testing a fleet of nine electric police cars.

Ukraine Signed A Deal in 2016 To Furnish Its Police Deptarment With 635 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs

And according to local media reports, the EVs have sparked “positive reactions,” and the Swedish police have decided to continue to use those cars past the pre-determined test period (originally to end in April).

With that said, those officers in the study would still like more capable/longer range offerings than that of the current BMW i3.

“Henrik Langmark of Sweden’s National Police says there were “a few reservations” about the range of the cars, adding they were most useful in urban traffic. All the tested electric vehicles were used for shorter distances like shuttling to meetings or taking people to detention or questioning. None was used as a patrol car.

Langmark said Wednesday they would like to have a longer driving range,” saying the tested cars can drive up to 190 kilometers (118 miles) on one charge.”

With 1,900 unmarked police vehicles in service today, the Swedish police could be one of the largest customers for plug-ins in the country.

Recently, Ukraine ordered 635 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs for their police force, so the trend of law enforcement going green is well underway.

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source: abcnews.go.com

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The police forces in Czechia also got i3s for testing for six months. But they also got one i8, and an officer crashed the car after just a few weeks after suffering medical emergency. I tend to compassion rather than blaming him. But the force mismanaged public communications afterwards. The case overshadowed any positive images it may have made of BMW or the Czech police force.