Swatch CEO Considers IPO For Battery Division Belenos Clean Power

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Nicolas G. Hayek know that the right timing is important

Nicolas G. Hayek knows that the right timing is important

Belenos Clean Power Holding's battery cells

Belenos Clean Power Holding’s battery cells

According to Automotive News, Swatch Group AG CEO Nick Hayek is considering IPO of 20% of Swatch’s Belenos Clean Power division to commercialize a new type of batteries.

The Belenos Clean Power division was established in 2008 and is engaged in several areas, including fuel cells, batteries and more.

Belenos’ claims are pretty bold, because their batteries (developed together with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich) stores more energy than Panasonic and charges faster:

“Companies from China, Korea and Germany have shown interest in the batteries, Hayek said. Belenos makes them using a patented compound containing a metal called vanadium rather than rare raw materials, making them cheaper to produce in mass quantities, Hayek said.”

“Belenos can produce a battery that weighs about a third less than the Panasonic pack used in vehicles made by Tesla Motors Inc., Hayek said. Yet a car could run further on the Belenos battery, which charges twice as fast, according to the CEO.”

That would double the number of our battery breakthroughs reported this week.

A considerable effort within Belenos Clean Power is being spent on the development of new battery materials. The N.G. Hayek battery project specifications present a considerable challenge in terms of energy density. A pilot line has been installed for the production of the first Belenos battery cells.

“A considerable effort within Belenos Clean Power is being spent on the development of new battery materials. The N.G. Hayek battery project specifications present a considerable challenge in terms of energy density. A pilot line has been installed for the production of the first Belenos battery cells.”

For now, Belenos has about 50 employees and a pilot production line.

Production is to start in June, while batteries for cars could be ready in 2017:

“Swatch will begin production in June through its Renata unit, which makes batteries for timepieces. Initially Renata will produce as many as 200 a day, in various sizes. The technology will be used and tested in e-bikes, drones and electrical scooters in 2016, and it’ll be ready for cars from 2017, Hayek said.”

Source: Automotive News

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If they know so much about batteries, could they at least quote, energy density, cycles, or refer us to testing org who can verify all of their claims?

Swatch was involved with the initial design of the SmartCar. And, the SmartCar was originally envisioned as an EV.

Interesting fact: Tesla battery packs were used in the 2009-2011 SmartCar EVs. A number were placed into service in San Diego and Portland. The latest generation of the SmartCar EV uses a non-Tesla battery pack.

Just some interesting historic trivia from the Swatch timeline.

Where’s the beef!!

Check out heir web site:

Just enough wiffle-waffle to impress the rubes.
Otherwise – Zip!

I’m sure they have break-throughs just around the corner though.

The guy is wearing 3 watches on each wrist, that does not give me a lot of confidence in his credibility as a first impression.

Hey! I think he’s the guy I bought a $100 Rolex from in Hong Kong.

Damn thing quit before I got off the plane at SFO.

He’s a sidewalk watch salesman

+1 hahahhaha
and a swiss one too


He’s a Swatch (sidewalk watch) salesman.

He is wearing three watches on each wrist, because he has dates in six different time zones tonight. His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body. His lovemaking has been detected by a seismograph. If you were to see him walking a chihuahua, it would still look masculine. His personality is so magnetic, he is unable to carry credit cards. His charm is so contagious, vaccines have been created for it. He’s been known to cure narcolepsy just by walking into a room. People hang on his every word, even the prepositions. Even his enemies list him as their emergency contact number. UFOs report sightings of him. Alien abductors have asked him to probe them. Mosquitoes refuse to bite him purely out of respect. When he dines in a fine restaurant, the waiter tips him. When his wife gave birth to their first child, everyone congratulated the child. He once challenged his own reflection to a staring contest, and on the third day he won. He has crossed the point of no return on several occasions. He once ran a marathon because it was “on the way.” When he goes to Spain, he chases the bulls.… Read more »

You really enjoy dos equis a bit too much!


(copied for future reference and usage, Thanks!)

This is the picture of Nicolas Hayek, the father of Nick Hayek (the current CEO of swatch group). Nicolas Hayek saved the Swiss watch industry in the early 80’s. He also had a key role in the creation of the “Smart” car.

Swatch and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technologies usually have fairly high standards regarding announcements of breakthrough.

Price or cycles might be the catch.

I noticed he passed away in 2010.

I guess we’ll have to wait and Swatch what happens… 😉

So it takes them two years to get these batteries ready for cars? I’m sure the big players will make some more improvements til then. Also I would bet he compares his batteries with todaystec and not with what the Bolt and the Leaf 2 will have.

But keep the breakthrougs comming. It’s like a shotgun – one of the shrapnels will eventually hit the target 😉

Send Tesla a battery. If it’s the real thing, Tesla will get them out in production.

@Anon: :-p

If I had a nickle for every time….

… and a dollar for every rhyme.

A third less weight than what Tesla is using? That’s a pretty concrete claim..Should put energy density somewhere around 370wh/kg, pretty impressive. If true. No corroboration on the highly uninformative website anyway. Pretty murky, as is not uncommon in this business.

They may be relying on not needing the cooling a Tesla battery does. So, not so concrete.

So this is the new secret material for those battery, concrete?

Musk said the battery industry had more snake oil salesmen than any other industry he’s encountered. The website looks like a joke.

Lo siento pero de credibilidad 0% si miras su weeb ves que todo es un timo ningún dato por ningún sitio todo huele a humo.