Swap A Hyundai Kona Electric For Kia Niro EV? Video


What does this Hyundai Kona Electric owner have to say about his time with the Kia e-Niro?

We’ve talked extensively about the differences between these two Korean siblings: the 2019 Kia Niro EV and 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric. The most obvious of which is the Niro’s slightly larger size. They’re both subcompact SUVs, but the Kia e-Niro sits on a wheelbase that’s about four inches longer. It’s also a few hundred pounds heavier and has a bit more overall passenger volume, though interior dimensions and cargo capacity are much the same. What if a current Kona Electric owner decided to make the to switch to the Kia Niro EV instead?

The EV Puzzle set out to answer this question. However, sadly, while he already owns the Hyundai, he couldn’t get access to the Kia in its all-electric configuration. Thus, he test drove the closest iteration: a Kia Niro PHEV. While the powertrain is different, every Kia Niro (even the ICE version) is just about the same in many ways. At least when driving the PHEV variant, The EV Puzzle can get a really solid grasp at how the battery-electric version may perform.

Check out the video for the details. Let us know in the comment section if you’ve driven either of these new all-electric crossovers.

Video Description via The EV Puzzle on YouTube:

Swap my Kona Electric for a Kia eNiro EV?

Ok so as a Kona owner how can I review the Niro EV or eNiro in an unbiased, fair and balanced way?

I’m exceptionally aware how bias comes across in the EV community and how comparisons can seem competitive.
The Niro and Kona are competing in the same market so competition is fair but it wouldn’t be fair to look at the Niro without a true desire to understand it and consider it as a car for myself.

My reviews therefore are a documentation of my journey, my own research and my own opinions, from the perspective of would/should I swap my Kona for a Niro?

In reality, I could do exactly that without suffering any loss financially (with luck). So why not consider it, for real.

My angle is this. I appreciate every car is a compromise, no car is perfect so what’s good about the Niro and what’s not? What do I prefer about each and why? What suits my needs better and which makes more sense to own going forwards.

To find these things out I need to look thoroughly and test & compare as much as I can. I’m feeling Déjà Vue, the search was exactly the same for the Kona.

Starved of information, searching the internet, testing the petrol and hybrid versions and making estimated judgements on how the car will actually be. At least I know the Kona and the same drive train that’s going in the Niro.

Step 1, visit the dealer, look and drive a PHEV version to understand, handling, feel and interior comfort, whilst ignoring the drive train of the PHEV as it’s going to be as per my Kona.

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I went to a KIA Dealer & The Green a Horn salesman told me that there was No such Thing as a KIA Niro Electric Vehicle … * 🙁 *

For all intents and purposes, he is correct. All a salesperson cares about is what they can sell. If he can’t sell the Niro, it really doesn’t exist. The same for the consumer. What good is knowing a product is out there, if you can’t buy it? Basically it doesn’t exist.

You can buy it by special order. Just like the Audi e-Tron and car-buyers in the rest of the world.
Go to the Kia website for information.

I sent a e-mail to the 8 dealers closest to me asking if they had an e-Niro in for test driving. 7 out the 8th replied within a day saying very happily that yes they do have it and that I should come and try it out.

Better be careful. Dealerships will tell you anything to get you down there face to face. Likely all they have is the hybrid version.

Search for a Niro EV on Cars, none in the U.S.

Micke, what country are you in?

Next time bring pictures. Or these days just use your phone, type in KIA Niro, EV.

“subcompact SUV” – So it’s a hatchback?

I would say maybe station wagon. Subcompact SUV is something like a Suzuki Samurai in my mind. CUV also means Hatchback/Station wagon with plastic diaper trim around bottom and fake skid plate styling. Whatever they want to call them, doesn’t really matter.

To me, the Bolt EV is a wagon style and Volt is a hatchback. Most SUV/CUV fall in the wagon category. However, there really is no distinction in the definition of wagon or hatchback.

Most buyers don’t care about the distinction.

Did I miss something here? This is a video of someone TALKING ABOUT wanting to compare the two, and not actually comparing the two?

Really? We have a ten minute video of a guy sitting in his car TALKING about how he wants to compare two cars?

Let me know when there is ACTUALLY a comparison.

The Kona will be sold with battery heater in Europe and Asia but not in US. Strictly meant for Calif.

Just commenting this is a great article idea because for a casual observer like me this is like a camaro vs firebird situation, more apparent badge engineering than real diffs….

You talk too much

Totally useless!

KIA NIRO electrics are only available in the west coast. The rest of the US is stuck with the regular hybrid versions.