Survey Says: 58% Of Europeans Would Consider Buying An Electric Vehicle


In late Summer, German-based Dalia Research conducted a survey across European Union member countries. The survey focused mainly on demand for electric vehicles.

New offerings such as the Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ in ~2 years time should help convert those "considering" an EV to actually purchasing

New offerings such as the Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ in ~2 years time should help convert those “considering” an EV to actually purchasing

The results show that 58% of Europeans would consider purchasing an electric vehicle, but remember that considering and actually doing are two totally different things.

Approximately 1% of the survey respondents stated that they already own an electric vehicle. This figure is in line with actualy sales of electric vehicles in Europe, so we are to assume that the survey closely approximates the actual general public of Europe.

Green Car Congress adds:

“Although the Germans are leading the charge on a political level, it is the Italians who have the highest share of potentially interested customers: 54% of Germans would consider buying one, compared to 79% of Italians (lowest is the UK with 52%).”

“About one third of all Europeans (34%) say they would approve of “more government support for electric vehicles”. Across all EU countries, 22% would support higher vehicle emission taxes.”

The figures aren’t all that promising actually. 1% already own. Lots would consider. Few are for more outside support for electric vehicles.

Source: Green Car Congress

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Our both cars in family have been electric many years. Difficult to explain to our 3 year old what is a gas station and why other cars make noise and smell.

Nice, lead by example and thanks for caring about our health.


I own a Tesla and live in France. Almost all the people I meet have never taken a ride in a Tesla. So as often as possible I offer to take them for a ride. I find that it takes me 3.2 seconds to convince them that they like electric cars and would consider buying one. That’s the time it takes to go from 0 to 100 kph.

95% of Europeans await hybrids with 75-100 all-electric range, which noone offers right now, but that’s about to change once M3 and Bolt hit the road.

The Bolt won’t hit the road in Europe 😉 However the Opel Ampera-e will, with the exception of left-hand traffic regions like the British islands who doesn’t get a Vauxhall Ampera-e.

A hybrid with 100km range would be more expensive than a pure EV with 250-300km range. And you would have the additional cost of servicing a ICE that you almost never use. Hybrids with a large battery make no sense at all.

Uh . . . neither the Bolt nor Tesla Model 3 are hybrids. I think you need to learn a little more about the various plug-in cars. (plug-in hybrids versus pure electrics compared to ICE and conventional hybrids)

Anyone else feels that irony? Italy wonts EVs. Fiat says: “F**K You!”…

Another Euro point of view

Not surprised at all by this survey’s result. We probably just wait for a few improvements, GM Bolt yet addressed most of them (price reduction and range improvement). I should be the last one to be interested in EVs as very often driving long stretch of highways at speeds just not compatible with present EVs (using speed tickets as wall paper at home until I found a device called Coyote that gives me prior warning for speed controls). I see the time coming (+/- 2020) when EV’s will be for people like me as well (EUR 25K, 250 miles range, 300 Kwh fast charging). Then I will happily move over to EVs, meanwhile I am fascinated by EVs as per a technological point of view.

Keep polluting lol..I’m sure your offspring love the pollution you spew out of your tailpipe.

Another Euro point of view

Thanks for encouragements, will do my best. I just sent you some cubic meters of CO2 and Nox overseas to your attention with my best regards. No thanks needed, done it out of the bottom of my heart 😉 :-).

yet another european american point of view

you must be the european equivalent of our “redneck”. i bet you love trump too.

“Another Euro point of view” clearly has enough interest in EVs to be a regular reader and commenter here. He says he hopes to buy a BEV in about 4 years or so, while being realistic about the current limitations of BEV tech.

He’s not the enemy; he’s clearly an EV advocate. Treating him as an enemy isn’t merely being snobbish; it’s likely to produce a backlash against the EV revolution.

Let us remember that the only actual enemies of the EV revolution are Big Oil and its supporters. All those gasmobile drivers out there are potential converts to the EV revolution. Treating them as enemies is foolish and counterproductive.

Imagine if the Bolt/Ampera-e had a Fiat badge. Its compact exterior with generous interior space is exactly the type of car that Italians love due to their narrow roads and congested cities. Solar power should also be prevalent with their climate.

When I test drove the leaf I had no trouble whatsoever getting up to 70 miles on hour. When they raise the range to 200 miles on a charge it will be good freeway car.

Serious phevs, 14-20kwh usable energy with a 1 to 1.4l Atkinson Rex are hugely impressive for reducing emissions whilst being able to rush to hospital twice a day a v-max without the panic of nowhere to plug in at the ER.

Phevs are a great bridge when used as an range extended EV. I’d dare to say that the engine running hours could be rented/bought from the government as an catalist to keep people plugging in. 30 free minutes per month for preventing engine maintenance runs & heat in winter Each running minute above 30 minutes for x cents.

A Co2 / fuel minimized economy.

What percentage would consider buying an ICE, hybrid, or FCEV?

Reports on previous surveys said that only about 25% of drivers would consider buying an EV, so 58% would be a considerable improvement in a short time, if that were a meaningful result.

But we should always ask in cases like this: Just how was the question phrased? And just how was the survey conducted? Was it truly the random sampling necessary to make it a scientifically valid survey? It’s too bad that articles like this one so rarely go into the methodology used. Without the ability to compare the methodology of this survey to that of previous ones, this is pretty meaningless. There is no context.

Wait . . . Italy has ~80% of people saying they would consider an EV. But Sergio of Fiat/Chrysler has been the biggest laggard on plug-ins. LOL.

What a complete farce.

Why is the UK’s number so low? Is it because climate-change denial is largely an Anglo-world thing (USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK)?

Heck, you live on a relatively small island nation . . . why do YOU reject EVs so much?

Don’t generalize.

I live in Canada. We are supporting carbon tax, supporting credits for buying EVs.

In Ontario, we get a rebate buying a ev, the province is spending 20 million this year for charging stations and giving ev owners 4 years of free home charging, to push electric.

We own 2 electric cars and get all our electricity from green sources.

As to the U.S. , California is the big supporter and yes many states are not on board. California has always been big on green.

With range increasing, more Canadians will come on board, as is true for other countries. Big issue for Canadians is our size. Big country, small population means long distances for some.

An interesting follow-up would have been: What specifications have to be met for you to actually buy an EV (not just consider it)?

Likely answer: “400km (?) range in all kinds of weather, 10 minutes charging time, less than 25000 Euros”…

At the moment, EVs are significantly more expensive up front AND (seem to) have obvious drawbacks compared to ICEs, so it would be astonishing if they had more than a few percent market share.