Survey: Consumers Are Most Interested in Plug-In Hybrids and BEVs – Least Interested in Diesel


These survey results run counter to what Audi claims is the US’ current consumer perception of diesel.

Diesel Ranks Dead Last

Diesel Ranks Dead Last

As Audi wants us to believe:

“Over half of American drivers think government has unfairly placed bets on electrics over clean diesel vehicles.”

That statement came as one of the results of a “survey conducted by Harris Interactive among over 1,600 American drivers to gain insight into clean diesel perception and adoption.”   The survey was conducted on behalf of Audi of America.

However, this latest survey was not put on by Audi and the results are significantly different.

As the Washington Post writes:

“The study was conducted by Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates LLC — an international market research firm — and the National Association of Convenience Stores. (The NACS involvement might seem a bit odd until you consider that convenience stores are where much of America gets its gasoline.) Together, the two polled 804 gasoline buyers across the U.S.”

The results?  62% of respondents stated they were eager to see more plug-in hybrid vehicles hit the market over the next 10 years and 74% stated they would consider buying one.

For BEVs, 43% of the respondents stated they were eager to see more hit the roads and 58% stated they would consider purchasing one.

Fuel cell, CNG and flex-fuel vehicles were mentioned too.  Quoting the Washington Post:

“Fuel cell, natural gas, and flex fuel vehicles were on respondents’ radar, too. While only about a third of those surveyed seemed excited by the thought of new models (34 percent for fuel cell vehicles, 31 percent for natural gas, and 30 percent for flex fuel), many more said that they’d consider purchasing an alt-fuel vehicle. The public was most willing to consider buying flex fuel rides (62 percent), followed by fuel cell vehicles (58 percent) and natural gas-powered vehicles (53 percent).”

At the very bottom of the alternative fuel list sits diesel in this survey.  38% of those survey stated they would considering purchasing a diesel within the next 10 years.

So, to recap the “consider purchasing” results:

Plug-In Hybrid Tops the Survey Results

Plug-In Hybrid Tops the Survey Results

  • PHEV: 74%
  • Flex Fuel: 62%
  • BEV: 58%
  • Fuel Cell: 58%
  • CNG: 53%
  • Diesel: 38%

The results of this survey would seem to suggest that diesel is on its way out.  That’s fine by us, as long as it’s replaced by something with a plug.

Source: Washington Post

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11 Comments on "Survey: Consumers Are Most Interested in Plug-In Hybrids and BEVs – Least Interested in Diesel"

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And that’s exactly as it should be. EVs are the future.

But seriously, how could they do a survey of Americans and have a discussion about fuel cell technology, when 90% won’t have a clue what it is? Most people think fuel cell technology is the same as battery electric, because they think they understand what a ‘battery’ cell is.

I bet if they threw in petro cell technology, which means nothing, it would get abut the same results as fuel cell technology.

Isn’t it amazing that the auto manufacturer’s data of consumer’s wants matches what they sell?

I actually think Audi’s result is a lot less biased than you and Eric think.

The reason so many Americans said yes to Audi’s question is because it had the phrase “government has unfairly placed bets” in it.

…which goes to show you that a survey that inserts a pre-dispositioned and unproven biased statement into the question is not scientific.

Very true.

Of all the choices mentioned it seems to me the Fuel Cell has had the most inappropriate government Largess. Even though this technology has currently several things against it. (way too expensive first cost, Minimal and expensive to obtain hydrogen infrastructure, short life because the cells clog up, relatively high cost of the fuel), every polititian seems to say there’s a “Hydrogen Highway” in our future, and spends ongoing $millions to help force it into existence which it hasn’t happened to date.

BEV’s PHEV’s, and CNG vehicles for homeowners seem to be the most practical fuels, both because many homes have both fuels economically priced right at home (both electric and natural gas).


Whoops, got it – thanks Aaron


Audi needs to get the plug-in A3 and A4’s to market fast….


Surveys are all fine and dandy, but it’s too bad we don’t have more people voting for plug-ins with their hard-earned $$$. Here is an article in today’s LA Times… looks like VW sold over 100,000 diesels in the U.S. this year. That’s more than the number of plug-in sales for all manufacturers combined.,0,1276279.story#axzz2ouJDBvxT

Surveying only gasoline buyers about their interest in diesel doesn’t make sense. How about surveying current passenger vehicle drivers? This sounds like a fundamentally flawed study due to that selection bias.