Supermodel Laps Formula E Track In BMW i3 – Video

FEB 7 2016 BY MARK KANE 20

Supermodel Laps Formula E Track In BMW i3

Supermodel Laps Formula E Track In BMW i3

Formula E recently put a supermodel behind the wheel of a BMW i3. On the track!

This was a risky endeavor to attract attention, but thankfully it ended well.

“Brazilian supermodel, actress and Victoria’s Secret icon Alessandra Ambrosio took to the Punta del Este race circuit in a BMW i3 for a driving lesson from racer and Formula E safety car driver, Bruno Correia. Alessandra has modelled for the likes of Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren… How would she cope with switching the catwalk for the race track?!”

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I think I finally figured out what Victoria’s Secret is….Bulimia!

No Bulimia there, just good genes. She was pregant and had her kid in the public eye, you can watch her gain weight and lose it from pic to pic and she has videos of her workouts.

But go on and troll about what you don’t know about if you must.

yeah whatever. Every single VS girl is super skinny. I hate this crap that promotes women to be so thin. Some of them are DEFINITELY not eating enough, and need more flesh on them.

You’re on the wrong site. Type “” into your address line, please.

Gotta show skin everywhere.., after all, Sex Sells! Cheap cheap cheap!

+1 for BMNW sexism. I wonder how many women hold executive positions at BMW?

Off the top of my head I know Trudy Hardy is VP of Marketing for BMW North America.

And Susanne Klatten owns ~13% of BMW and is a member of Supervisory Board of BMW.

The unrelenting sophomoric feminist response to any picture of a beautiful woman posted at insideevs is asinine.

For story like this, I skip the article and go straight for the comments. I mean, seriously? How about if we have world’s oldest person doing laps with P90D? At least that’s more interesting as it shows how old we can be to drive EV. Hey, that might be a plug for Tesla self driving mode!

Tesla has worthy EV.s & a worthy Cause ,,This thing is slow when merging and Can’t hit 75 mph ,Cuz it peters 0ut…It should be banned from all expressways for safety reasons alone!

You’re on cocaine if you seriously think i3s lose power at 75 mph max.

Well, he is a self proclaimed nut. I think he’s talking about article about REx not able to keep up at 70 MPH when on gas engine.

And yet he has no comment on how fast the Tesla can go when the battery is depleted. I think the i3 will win that race hands down. 😛


Those must be some really good drugs that evcarnut is on. CheatSheet dot-com says the i3 is one of the “7 Fastest Production Electric Vehicles From 0-60”.

Apparently the InsideEVs’ comment parsing robot doesn’t want me to link to CheetSheet, but let’s try this:

Ermmmm, what? i3 slow when merging? Are you absolutely kidding me? My i3 does 90mph, no problem, and is very responsive in acceleration. No, it’s not a Tesla. But neither is 99% of the other cars out there. At 7 seconds to 62mph, the i3 is not a racecar, but defenitly NO slouch! Best handling in it’s class, if you ask me. Lovely car to drive!


She is NOT a super model!!

Agree, the I3 isn’t a supermodel!

She looks good in white.
The CAR, KKK members, don’t get excited.

Watch out for ZIKA