Supercharged Tesla Model S Owner Drives 3,121 Miles From Mexico to Canada in 4 Days


Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to congratulate a Tesla Model S owner who drove 3,121 miles in 4+ days.

Musk Tweets to Congratulate Model S Owner Who Drove 3,121 Miles From Mexico to Canada

Musk Tweets to Congratulate Model S Owner Who Drove 3,121 Miles From Mexico to Canada

Tesla's West Coast Supercharger Corridor

Tesla’s West Coast Supercharger Corridor

Math time…3,121 miles divided by 4.5 days = 694 miles per day!!!! (Or perhaps it was closer to 5 days, so let’s work the math on that one: 3,121 miles divided by 5 days = 624 miles per days!!!)  No matter how you crack it, that’s a ton of miles per day.

The trip, completed by Model S owner Norman Hajjar, started at his home in Thousand Oaks, CA.  from there, Hajjar ventured south to Tijuana, Mexico before heading north to Canada.  Then, Hajjar ventured south again to return to his home in California.

According to Hajjar, the trip took “4+ days” and the cost for fuel was $0.  Hajjar charged only at Tesla Superchargers spread out along his chosen route.  Hajjar’s journey was made possible by the recently completed West Coast Supercharger corridor.

Some more photos (below) from the trip!



A Quick Stop In Mexico!

A Quick Stop In Mexico!

"Filling Up" At Tesla HQ

“Filling Up” At Tesla HQ

Finally At Canada - Just As Friendly As Ever!

Finally At Canada – Just As Friendly As Ever!

And Back Home!

And Back Home!

There’s a Reddit post with hundreds of comments documenting how the journey was accomplished.

Photos of the entire trip can be found on Flickr here.

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Now if they can just let ChaDeMo drivers use the facilities for a reasonable fee…

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Never happen. It’d be more likely that other carmakers would license SuperChargers and pay a fee to Tesla to allow them to charge.

Never is a pretty strong word but I don’t see any benefit to Tesla in letting non-Teslas use the SC network, even if they could charge for it. There would have to be some pretty huge compensation (and not just money).

Pretty Cool! I am going to try it as soon as they finish the East Coast Corridor. As of now I can travel from the Keys to Jacksoville for free!

3121.9 miles
114 hours
avg speed = 21.4 mph

Looks like the longest segment was to the Buellton charger @ 143 miles.

Yeah…I’d post the Flickr images of the miles/segments, but all rights are reserved, so just follow the link for more specific details.

It says all rights reserved, but that’s just the Flickr default. Anyone who wants to can share those images. It’s perfectly ok with me, and thanks for being considerate.


Hey Norman,

Thanks for stopping by, nice work on the drive…makes me tired thinking about it! We’ll add in some nice photos on your say so!

/much thanks

Of course. Please do.

BTW, the longest segment was 37 hours straight and over 1600 miles. Slept at Superchargers a bit during that spurt. Model S performed flawlessly.

This level of electric car driving is the same level of driving you can do in a gas car in that I remember several cases of driving 600 miles in a day in a gas car. In fact driving 700 miles in a day in a gas car or a EV is some quite heavy driving.

Now in terms of gas this guy saved by going electric if a gas car gets 30 miles a gallon and he drives his EV the same distance of 3,121 miles he would save 104 gallons of fuel. Not to mention 104 gallons of fuel burned and floating around in the west coast air was avoided.

Surprised that most of the supercharger stations were unoccupied.

I liked the pic of the big truck hauling an air-stream …. “set the record for blocking the most EV spots”… LOL

I’m constantly amazed at the level of idiocy of the American pick-up truck driver. It usually seems proportional to the height of the suspension.

Other than ribbon cutting ceremonies, I’ve never seen more than one other Tesla at an SC. But given that the typical stay is on the order of 1/2 hr, it’s not surprising. Also, I bet on travel days, there is a much higher level of occupancy. Some chargers in CA are seeing pretty high usage and there have been reports of lines of MSs waiting for an open slot.

The Hawthorne supercharger had a 2 Tesla wait on Thanksgiving AM. That was the first time I had to wait …. 10 whole minutes.

Three of us overlapped at Mt. Shasta Supercharger on 19 November around 2 pm as I recall.

TM reports the peak times (that they plan for) are Fri and Sun p.m. Weekend and holiday traffic are the biggies.

The most interesting aspect from my side is left out, is this a 60 kWh or 85 kWh Tesla? Anybody knows?


Sorry … 85 kWh

Hi Norman, sounds like awesome trip. Read about the next one, too, on I’ve got over 25k on my P85S (delivered Dec ’12) and many road trips…though nothing like yours. Ever use for energy planning? We have thousands of Tesla drivers using it now – over 58k trips planned (see )

Free travel, sweet….


Jay Leno said it best, “If this is the future, I’m not that worried.” (after driving a Tesla)

Great job!

Perhaps we’ll see you next summer for our annual rally?

Tony Williams
Rally Organizer
1500 Miles from Mexico to Canada
August 10, 2014 until August 17, 2014 Official Website #BC2BC

Looks like fun!

Now with supercharger in place, the Model S will easily blow away the LEAF in BC2BC rally….

What is the point of that?