Supercars Of London Reviews BMW i8 – Video


BMW i8

BMW i8

The eye-catching BMW i8 probably already was reviewed in all possible ways, but still new videos are incoming.

Supercars of London’s Paul Wallace released one of the better presentation with insights on the i8, from exterior, to interior and driving experience.

Rating for the BMW i8 is very high, although according to Supercars of London, a price reduction would be swell.

If you are interested in this “practical four-seater concept car,” please enjoy.

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7 Comments on "Supercars Of London Reviews BMW i8 – Video"

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Wow. Long video.

“It’s a normal, but, very very special car.”

I’d say so!

lol……..the i8 is a supercar?

Yeah, that is a pretty broad definition of ‘supercar’, maybe a super car, in that for the category nothing really compares to it, as a plugin hybrid sports car.

“german reliability” … ha!

Compared to the British, the Germans are stellar.

Thanks Ranger. However, I think you will find we are stellar compared to the Germans. They don’t even have a Queen, or any cricket pitches. And we are going to have a plug-in Jaguar at some point this century.

It’s probably about the same now.