Supercars Beware: New Tesla Roadster Compared To Bugatti Chiron


Tesla Roadster

For just $200,000, the Tesla Roadster is a raging deal compared to the Bugatti Chiron.

Why do we say that? Well, in terms of performance, the new electric Roadster beats the Chiron on most all fronts. And when it comes to price, there’s no contest.

Below is a graphic comparing the two performance machines. As you’ll see, the new Roadster wins in all categories except for top speed.

Roadster Versus Chiron via Imgur

But the real kicker here is the price difference. At $200,000, the new Roadster costs just a fraction of the $3 million Bugatti Chiron. So, for the price of the Chiron, you could buy Roadsters for the whole extended family, a maybe one of every Tesla model available plus a new house? Or maybe just save that extra coin the next hottest Tesla to come along further down the road.

Oh, and those numbers listed for the Roadster above, those aren’t with the “special option package that takes it to the next level,” so the Chiron’s really in trouble when that becomes available.

All of this begs the larger question, “Is the day of the gas-powered supercar over?”

We’ll just go ahead and pencil in a ‘yes, it is’.

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You forgot to add the most important thing, and that it can drive by itself. Level 5.

Even more important is that the Bugatti Chiron actually exists

I’m pretty sure the car we saw at the reveal existed too. Several people were given test drives.

But we know nothing about it. Yes it can accelerate quickly for a couple of hundred meters but that’s it. All the other specs are currently untested.

Additionally, making a one-off functional prototype is not a problem. The converted 1972 Datsun “White Zombie” is even quicker than this car but setting up a serial production is another deal entirely, likewise selling it at the price mentioned with a profit.

Musk did say in the introduction that the prototype has been been driven at over 250 MPH.
But yes, the Bugatti exists right now.

Yes but Musk saying it is not the same thing as it being true. Musk said they had battery swapping, that was a lie. Musk said there should be no doubts about 5000 model 3 produced at the end of this year, that was a lie. Musk pretended that they had working solar shingles, in reality they weren’t connected at all. Musk said they drove a model S fully autonomously through traffic, in reality they had to do hundreds of takes until they got it right. Musk pretends that Tesla is a leader in self driving, in reality they are far behind the competition.

You realize no matter what Tesla does wrong they won’t ever lose the company. They are paid by the government because Tesla is good for the earth and that’s why they get paid and If you actually trying to bash on Elon then you don’t know what he has done. He had been the CEO of PayPal, which was his own company and wasn’t even there when Tesla was started but he is now the main man. He is one of thr smartest people in the world. He isn’t just some foreign guy who wants to make millions off of selling a super car. Even if it takes his multiple tries to per

They are actually Leading in self driving, the one you are talking about is not the Full Enhanced capability able for an add-on $5000 while the Standard autopilot gives The abbility for Some semi autopilot that still requires Driver Help. Also Tesla does reach the Production Goal, Just slower.

White Zombie uses a dozen Navy Helicopter battery valued at $100K/each or contains $1.2M in batteries alone…

But there really isn’t a magic formula, simply add electric motors…Chevy Bolt is FWD with a single motor…What if Chevy put an additional motor to each rear wheel for a total of 3 motors? Deactivate the rears at all times unless you want to accelerate, hard…3 motor Bolt could probably be had around $50K after incentives and tax credits…

I agree about the Bolt. I think they should split it into two models, one cheaper version with 50 kWh battery and a 100 kW forward motor and one “sporty” version with 70 kWh battery and 2x80kW forward and back.

I wonder if for $3,000,000, Tesla would sell you that Roadster prototype.

Producing it should not be a problem they own a company that males automated production robots, And they could problably use existing robots as it is not made spesifically for a single model they only need to make new molds for the car. Tesla apso usually uses common components.

Even more important- Bugatti is strictly for POSEURS. Who will soon be very butt-hurt.


Yes the Tesla was an hologram genius

The most important thing is zero emissions.

I think you miss the concept of luxury items pricing. Bugatti doesn’t cost 3mln because it is so expensive to build, I’m sure it could cost 500k but then how anyone would be able to tell you have more money than the guy next to you in Ferrari? And if Ferrari costed 200k how would anyone know you have more money than the guy in Porsche ?

Luxury items are about desire, restricted supply and high price – basically the more people can afford it the less luxury it is.

The Chiron probably does cost a very large fraction of the $3M price to build — I actually suspect they lose a little money on it… Since there’ll only be 500 of them, the R&D has to amortized over this rather small number of vehicles.

The R&D for even small economy compacts without aggressive performance is typically in the low billions $, with a few additional billions for the drivetrain. A small economy compact is built in the 10s of millions of units. The Chiron is a much more difficult car to develop performance-wise; its engine is only used in two models (Veyron & Chiron), and modified in the Chiron.
Do the math.

Naos– and yet Bugatti loses a million on each one they sell??

It is not made to beat Bugatti, but to beat all meanstream performance cars by length, make it senseless to buy a Porsche, Corvette, BMW or AMG GT.

Now they only got to proof it set records on the Nürnburgring – the green hell- to get accptance and things will happen, we wont see before

Link, please?

… AND the Tesla Roadster is way more beautifull!

“Beautiful” came to mind when I saw in one of the Youtube’s the Roadster2’s ceramic brakes. Not steel. I remarked they should have done it, and on closer inspection they did.

Sufficient steel brakes, for this performance category can easily weigh 250+ pounds, alone (rotors/calipers/pads). Even better, you don’t reach for ceramics to slow a drag racer, or do a single top speed run. It could be a sign Tesla wants to avoid the brake fade that comes from tracking.

The Roadster steel brakes could be significantly lighter than those of a similarly powerful gas car, as the Tesla can use regen to slowdown.

True, but one of the first things commonly shared, among Tesla owners who do track (including me), is to turn down the regen. If hot regen tops out at 60KW, and a 4,800lb car braking hard enough to engage ABS kinetically needs to dump ~500KW, you need those rotors.

Who makes progress fastest, with kinetic recovery, is starting to fascinate me. F1 is dumping MHU-H (heat recovery of electricity), for a focus an effective focus on brake regeneration. Point being, big forthcoming R&D between $Formula E and $$$Formula 1 will help us all. Baby steps, though. FE now allows max 150KW regen, while F1 until recently only allowed ~2KWh per lap of non-petrol power.

Nobody is running around with close to 200KWh, an inertial fountain of potential energy consumption and kinetic energy recovery between corners. A fire hose of heat, unless you get weight down, use conventional/ceramic brakes, etc.

I look forward to it, but wish people appreciated “the ask” a bit more.

They use the same brakes as Ferrari’s LaFerrari.

and the tesla isn’t available yet…

Meaning, they are THIS GOOD, on their first Go at this New One!

I bet that if you order a Chiron today you will get it after 2020!

Yep, there are alredy over 250 Chiron orders and VW is doing only 70 cars a year.

The Roadster looks awesome, but we should refrain from speaking about it as if it’s already available for sale.

It won’t be competing with the Chiron. It will be competing with whatever’s on the market in 2019/20.

The price disparity is notable. Why is Tesla offering this vehicle so cheap?

Why, unavailability hasn’t stopped BMW, MB, GM or Ford.

Why so cheap?
Tesla builds the batteries itself.
Tesla builds the electric motors itself.
The car looks like it can be built on the Model 3 assembly line.
It’s a top of the line iteration of what Tesla already builds.

Yes, they could probably double the price. and sell fewer.
But, the goal is to sell more pollution free cars at a profit, not soak the rich.

ICEs are complex, and takes a lot of time time to build.

Well, as far as I know even the large deposits don’t actually guarantee the price. The Bolt 3, Model 3/Y, Gen 2 Leaf and others will be part of the generation where BEVs will be affordable (though far from cheap) and capable of the large majority of regular passenger transportation. There are then two challenges remaining. The first challenge is to narrow the cost gap between ICEVs and BEVs. But the second challenge is where the Roadster Gen 2 comes in: make BEVs do everything. I see the Gen 2 Roadster as Tesla’s next gen powertrain development platform. The price target is 200,000 because they don’t want it to be a boutique hypercar. They want the price to be low enough for it to sell in the high-end performance market as well as displace the hypercars. The intended acceleration and speed are headline-grabbers, but the large battery also mean more energy (200kWh is 6 gallons of gas in a vehicle that could get 100mpge!), more range and higher power charging. I also think they’ll also try to develop and prove a multi-geared transmission. That transmission would help enable the high speed, but could also make it easier for Tesla to… Read more »

Indeed, they are underpricing it. They could probably charge a lot more for it assuming they manage to manufacture it to this spec.

That said, squeezing the last bit of performance out of ICE technology is really expensive which is why the hypercars range in the millions of dollars. This niche of cars really shows that the ICE age end is coming.

Elon Musk said he wanted electric Cars to be more common maybe that’s why it’s so cheap, Also tesla creates everything from the robots that make it to owning the companies that Supply to tesla.

15 x price woww, a love tesla

Just imagine being an oil billionaire who has paid $3M and waited years for this super fast and exclusive Bugatti, and the first thing you hear after you show it to your friends is – “but it is slower than the Tesla”


You said it but missed the point completely.


That is what makes it desirable.

Tesla will never be exclusive, as that would go completely against the mission.

Sorry, I forgot the quotation around “Exclusive”. A “Exclusive” slow Bugatti will be as desirable as a Ford with a custom paint job for example…

Not even a Bugatti can be called Exclusive if there is nothing special about it…


Now let’s see if Tesla can manage to sell/deliver one before they go bankrupt.

They won’t you know how supportive the state is to Tesla, They want cleaner energy after the Gas Leak, If they do go bankrupt the state will problably bail them out also do you not know A lot of people are reserving the Roadster in a possible sale of 4billion+

The value in a Veblen good like a Bugatti is entirely in it’s exclusivity. A purported da Vinci just sold for $450M, why because there is only one in private hands and for no other reason. A $100,000 Swiss watch is many orders of magnitude less accurate than a phone but it’s worth $100K because they are made in small numbers and they price them at $100K. Supercars aren’t bought to be driven, they go from dealer to garage to auction house to garage and back to the auction house, rinse repeat. If you measure the speed of a car in miles per year rather than miles per hour my Chevy Volt blows the doors off of a Bugatti because it does 12,000 miles/year and most5 Bugatti’s do maybe 1000 miles/year if that. If you watch the car shows on Velocity it seems that the typical mileage for a 40 year old Ferrari is about 7K because their owners never drive them, they just look at them.

People who actually buy Bugattis don’t buy them for performance… which makes this comparison kinda pointless.

There are likely a few supercars that don’t have the same panache that should worry, but not Bugatti.

@F150 said: “People who actually buy Bugattis don’t buy them for performance…”


A $3M Bugattis are not purchased *exclusively* for performance but best-in-class performance bragging rights is a top primary ingredient of what makes Bugattis valuable for those that can afford it.

Tesla Roadster has taken best-in-class performance bragging rights away from Bugatti unless Bugatti quickly finds a way to match or exceed Tesla Roadster’s performance numbers… which Bugattis can’t unless they go 100% electric… which is the entire point of Tesla’s Roadster.

Agreed. Many of the people posting here and writing articles here really aren’t car people. They don’t understand what makes these kind of vehicles attractive to uber wealthy buyers. Bragging rights about performance are a component of the allure, but it is the minority component. Exclusiveness, quality and the overall attention to detail in fit, finish, materials and design detail are important. Basically that are buying a work of art, made just for them that happens to be on wheels you can drive and see and be seen in. Then there is heritage and the love for the traditions of the ICE powered cars before. Revving those electric motors in neutral (I assume you could even do this) isn’t going to produce the same visceral experience as a finely tuned V12. Some people actually like rowing the gears too. There is an art to the presentation of the engine and all it’s bits. It is the jewel in the heart of the masterpiece. What’s the Tesla going to have? Cast aluminum boxes with orange cables hanging out? Tesla gets to enter the club, but by no means will own it. Nobody is going to cancel their Bugatti order and order… Read more »
(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I think if the White Zombie were AWD, it would give this car a fun run for it’s money.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Not sure what happened. This was not a reply but a standalone/new comment.

Well… Not quite… When a billionaire that drives a $3million Bugatti will get smoked by a $250k Tesla, it will most probably reconsider the next purchase. What you, ICE fans, seems not to understand is the simplicity and outstanding DYNAMIC PERFOMANCE of an EV. The loud noise ussually linked with an powerfull ICE engine is not enough to satisfy the trill of driving a multiple G accelerating car, a thing at which an EV is by far beating the ICE’s…

Still not getting it. If you think billionaires go out and go drag racing with their cars, you are seriously without a clue. Nobody is going to “get smoked” because there will be no race. This isn’t the Fast and Furious.

If the Tesla Roadster becomes a reality and it is all Elon says it is, these billionaires will simply buy one of both, a Bugatti for prestige and a Tesla for a daily driver, but I think I already said this. The bottom line is, Bugatti is sound. They will not be “killed” by this latest Tesla announcement. That is my only point really.

And what about the difference in insurance, fuel and maintenance costs? Huge difference there too, I suppose.

Wouldn’t the Bugatti’s wheel and tire set cost as much as a Tesla roadster?!

Cant really compare a buggatti with tesla. Im a biggest tesla fan and waiting for the model 3, i beleive its the future. But bugatti, it has elegance, class, prestige. They made coaches for crying out loud. Interior is bar none the most luxurious with premium materials and you feel like you are in a special place. The history, the heritage. That costs money. Its hand made with leather stiched by finest craftsman. Thats bugatti. Tesla is cool but its no 100 year history of bugatti. Period

Bugatti is a large barge that goes fast.
There’s nothing beautiful about it, it’s a brute force device.

But the Bugatti is slower 😀

@ said: “But bugatti, it has elegance, class, prestige…”


But sans best-in-class performance bragging rights Bugatti’s “elegance, class, prestige” gets you a no more than a Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge.

Exactly what I was thinking, thanks.

If you want elegance, you can buy a Rolls-Royce or, heck, they still make horse-drawn coaches for those who still want them.

ICE supercars will soon be a niche market for nostalgia buffs. The remaining supercar makers, those which can survive the EV revolution — not all of them will — will be offering EV supercars.

Lets see. Koenigsegg Agera RS just set a speed record of 284.55mph for a production car. It will be a long, long time before anything Tesla badged will get remotely close to this.

Elon gave a very important hint at the real power of the new roadster. He said It had 10,000 Newton meters of torque, thats 7375 foot pounds of torque. Thats almost 6 times the torque of the Agera RS and for tose electric motors to produce that kind of torque the motors have to be producing at least 3000 hp and probaly more than that, almost 3 times the horsepower the Agera RS. If his claim is true, and I have no reason to believe it is not,I would guess the special upgrade packages for the new roadster will be special wheels and slicks and aero for drag raceing and special aero and track tires for high track speed runs. The numbers Elon gave that were world record breakers were from the base model with street tires. My educated guess is that that roadster is ultimatly capable of top fuel dragster times and top speed in excess of 325 mph. The Agera no matter what they come out with between now and when the Roadster starts delivering will stand no chance. The roadster will clean the ageras clock and eat its lunch and laugh at it in it reaview mirror.… Read more »

A relevant stat, here, is what torque does the car have at 250mph, that helps change the speed above 284.55mph. Drag Times charts torque as a function of speed. There, you’ll see how it drops off long before top speed.

Practically speaking, I’d be more curious if Roadster2 can hold >1,000, not 7375lb ft, past 30, or 50mph. Becasuse that’s still staggering. For example, 918 = ~500lb ft.

If you note the Drag Times data shows torque falling off in a flattening curve to about 1/3 of its initial number. I would extrapolate the torque at 155 mph for the S at around 300ft/lb. Useing a similar curve, the roadster would have at least 2500 ft/lb at that motor rpm, still 3 times the Agera RS at speed far more than enough to blow past it, not to mention the motor RPM would be the same as the Model S at 325mph if the Roadster had a final drive of 5 to 1 as oposed to a Model S more than 11 to 1. And less than half the gear ratio would be no problem for that much torque. This would simply eat the Agera alive.


It’s not hard to get that much wheel torque, e.g. top end Corvettes.

If Tesla has that much torque at the motor it implies a much different design than the small, high RPM motors they use in the S/X/3. Perhaps they use a larger, direct drive motor and make the weight back by not having a reduction gear?

These are “OLD WIFE’S TALES”
– exclusive
– combustion history
– nice leather interior
– 50 hers of wax
All that is being rendered OBSOLETE by Tesla. Real question is…
“Who wants an exclusively ,slow,storied supercar with a nice interior & 100hrs of wax at 3 million dollars? ?

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is NO relationship between the current Bugatti and the historic Bugatti.
Someone bought the name to help it sell luxury cars. The name is also used for clothes that have nothing to do with the historic mark.

LOL, One could sell Tesla fanboys a casio arguing that is better than a rolex cause the hands are rotating faster

Super lame analogy…try again.

LOL! You’re not very good at this are you?

My Casio has an LCD display, and doesn’t need anything as old-fashioned as hands.

Too bad about yours.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

What a DumB@s$ statemanet.

Actually that IS a good analogy. An inexpensive digital watch is a superior watch to an automatic mechanical watch of any brand. The digital out performs the mechanical in every area except resale value.

People will pay $100,000 for a Rolex, but nobody will pay $100,000 for a Casio. Why is that when the Casio is actually a better watch? Think about that and then apply that thinking to supercars. The Tesla is the Casio… OK I’ll give them a bump to Citizen of supercars. Nothing wrong with it, performs great, good value, but it ain’t no Bugatti.

You need to actually think before you write something. First off they are different style watches. Second, the point of a watch is not to see how fast the hand spins. That’s absurd to even compliment it. Why you are saying this is a good analogy to sport cars that are meant to both go fast who knows. Bugatti is a sports car, so is the Tesla. They are both design to go fast. Using the watch comparison is an extremely bad non relevant comparison.

“One Year In: Why A Die-Hard Mechanical Watch Lover Can’t Get The Apple Watch Off His Wrist (And Why That Matters)”:

From Bugatti’s Website:

“About Bugatti
Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. is the manufacturer of the world’s most powerful, fastest, most exclusive and most luxurious production super sports car…”


Well, that’s no longer true.

…unless they qualify it as follows:

About Bugatti
Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. is the manufacturer of the world’s most powerful (exluding Tesla Roaster) , fastest (excluding Tesla Roaster), most exclusive and most luxurious production super sports car…”

Now now, let’s let Bugatti retain the shreds of its shattered glory for as long as is reasonable. The next-gen Tesla Roadster is not in production… yet.

Gearheads will have a couple of years to deal with the Five Stages of Grief, and mourn their loss, before it’s official. 😀

(And for many of them, that will not be an exaggeration!)

@ said: “Now now, let’s let Bugatti retain the shreds of its shattered glory for as long as is reasonable…”

Problem for Bugatti is that Elon Musk considers “reasonable” a potty mouth word…

Expect Tesla to not hold back in hardcore *driving* the point Tesla Roaster out performs Bugatti Chiron in every performance metric. By time Tesla marketing gets done with Roasting Bugatti there will not be a Bugatti automotive article written without a Roaster reference of some sort.

Hahahaha 😀

Another Euro point of view (improved version)

Awesome !

Lol… you getting the hang of it!

You have taken your first step into a larger world! 🙂

Will the Roadster overheat on the track? How often can you accelerate it in a row? I worry that Tesla’s definition of performance is too narrow.

I feel that the Roadster Gen 2 is a development car, and one of its aims will be to have sustained performance.

Watch the videos of the reveal night test rides. The gentleman repeats again and again, that the car had been accelerating like that all night with no loss of speed.

Besides, I have yet to see a P100D overheat.

A 2 second accel followed by a minute of slow, cool-down driving is NOTHING like the thermal stresses you create on a track.

Getting the 200KWh battery from 2,000 to 1,000 pounds may be more like throwing engineers at the earth, before designing the parachute.

Going out on a limb. If Tesla can pack ~80KWh in a 3,800lb car (no small feat), a Model 3’s body with 200KWh could tip in at 5,000lbs. As such, getting back to 4,000 could be the stuff of lab papers and chemistry departments.

This presumes that they don’t have a new chemistry or some new design that strips weight from the pack.

If Tesla had a significantly improved chemistry that alone would push the stock price through the roof, no Roadster would be necessary.

IMHO the Roadster 2 is based on a new battery chemistry. That’s the only reason to wait until 2020 (at least) to launch a limited run of Signature Series versions.

I also think the prototype has the regular 100 kWh battery.

I don’t want to own one; not sure I even want to drive one. What I really want is to be sitting in the passenger seat while a professional driver, who knows what he’s doing unlike I, takes it around one (or more) of the world’s elite racetracks. Sure, my fat @$$ would add a couple of seconds to the lap time, but he could just do the run again w/o me in order to set the record.

Being a passenger in a race car is not really a pleasant experience…

no control of your destiny being a passenger

So you never fly, then?

For the price of a Bugatti, you could get the Roadster /and/ the Tesla Truck, and do some serious Knight Rider cosplay (could probably even hire the original actors to play Devon and Bonnie occasionally).

Gearheads everywhere are in serious denial about the next-gen Tesla Roadster. Others have “advanced” to the anger stage of grief.

Go Tesla!

Both “gearhead” and “petrolhead” will be obsolete words very soon!


Another Euro point of view

What’s interesting is that, as opposed to affordable cars, the EV super cars would not have a range issue as compared to petrol super cars.

I mean for example the efficiency of the huge W16 petrol engine of a Bugatti is so terrible that it is not difficult for an EV to do better. Now I wonder what would be the range of the roadster at 250mph+, probably a few minutes.

For reference:
2015 Veyron EPA fuel economy is 8/15.
26.4 gallon tank. At 33.7kWh/gal that’s 889.68kWh.
Rated highway range is 396 miles. City range 211.2 miles.
12 minutes running at 250mph, apparently. That’s a range of 50 miles.

This is a BMW i8, Audi R8 competitor. The price and dimensions is something between those 2 cars. Let’s compare them whem the Tesla is available…2022? 2023?

I remember hearing about Bill Gates in younger days got a ticket while driving his Porsche. I wonder if his desire for fast cars has ended.
I wouldn’t be surprised if these Tesla Roadsters are worth more than someone paid for them a few years later. Beautiful car though I’ll never be able to afford one.

I hope they’ll be worth less, because the costs of the required technologies will have reduced. I’m sure that’s what Tesla wants to happen.

The Bugatti owners, with the exclusivity of their $3 million dollar super car, will probably snub their noses at the Tesla owners cheap substitute for a Supercar.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Roadster owners will laugh their @$$ off at the way those folks got no extra value for the extra $2.8 million they spent.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

IMHO, it’s not a “Roadster” unless you can remove the Targa top.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Of course you can- have you not watched the video?

Roadster is a real disruptor in the exotic car realm.

I don’t disagree with the performance specs, but assuming that one has the money to acquire both, the real question is:

Which car would the super hot woman of your dreams get into if she had a choice between the two?

That’s essentially what it boils down to. Think about it.

Unfortunately, the roar of the ICE engine still makes a woman’s knees weak.

No, it’s the size of the wallet that weakens the knees

Do you believe the Challenger Hellcat and Demon “disrupts” exotic car markets?

No? Then the Tesla won’t either. There’s more to exotic cars than acceleration in a straight line.


The ‘more’ you refer to is… it’s an EV!

Nope. It’s a sunroof for plenty of legroom…

The Bugatti is also an incredibly tacky car. Never understood their silly design, and glad to see it unseated.

My guess is that with the stroke of a key Elon will make the car have a faster too speed than the poor Bugatti.

I’d be embarrassed to be seen in a Bugatti. Not that it will ever happen, so no worries.


Why even bother to pick up your pencil? You will not need to erase your conclusion. ICE supercars are now only suitable for museums and nostalgia buffs.


The Tesla is like a digital watch and the Bugatti is like an automatic watch.

What makes everyone think that the Tesla is a zero emissions object? It had come from somewhere.