Sunswift eVe Solar Electric Vehicle – Video


Test run of the electric race car.

Test run of the electric race car.

Sunswift, an Australian team, is preparing to break the solar electric vehicle speed record.

As you will see in the video above, the vehicle is very efficient but needs work to make it street legal as well as safe for driver and passenger.

The team’s goal is to debunk the stereotypes of solar EVs not traveling fast and not traveling far. With everything they have incorporated into the vehicle, it looks as though they’ve achieved their goals.

Details and specs are covered in the video.  More info on Sunswift can be found here.

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Two questions the video didn’t seem to answer: what is the capacity of the battery pack? What is the typical and or maximum output of the solar PV cells on the car?

The up to 97% efficiency motors are sweet, but I’ll bet they cost a pretty penny.

Exterior: TeXtreme Carbon fibre constructed by Core Builders.
Solar Panels: C60 Sunpower silicon solar cells. High efficiency (22.7%) and lightweight.
Encapsulation: Solbian high performance encapsulation.
Motor: 2 Maran in-hub motors developed by the CSIRO. Low power high efficiency by electric car standards.
Battery: Panasonic NCR 18650 A and B.
Suspension: Front Bilstein Ohlins. Rear TTX25 spring damper.
Wheels: Front: GH Craft carbon front wheels. Rear: 7075 Aluminium wheels.
Tyres: Michelin Radial X tyres specifically designed for solar cars.
Solar Output: 800w

The motors are expensive 12k a piece.

Hi there,

Tesla his futur?
Tesla model sunswift!! A dream car!!

Good road with Tesla.

I tried posting this yesterday. Don’t know why it wouldn’t take.

In this video they said it weighs 60 kg, so I’d say at least 11 Kwh since I can buy e-bike packs at 11.75 pounds per Kwh with BMS.

And the array puts out 800 watts…max I assume.