Summoning Tesla Model X Out of Water Puddle – Video

FEB 14 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

There are situations when you park you car, but upon returning to it later in the day you notice that its surrounded by a massive puddle. Darn rain.

Summon Tesla Model X out of water puddle (source: Bjørn Nyland)

The answer for such circumstances, as demonstrated by Bjørn Nyland, is Tesla Summone Mode, which enables one to take remote control of the car to move slowly forward or backward.

“Nowadays with lots of water, summon is a very nice feature :)”

The feature, introduced a few years ago, is super handy in tight spaces like garages or parking spots with cars parked close by.

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I hear it’s also helpful if the car is surrounded by fire or if you’re extremely unlucky starving cannibals…

I mean W T F???

That is completely gangster !!

That is a good use for Summon, I don’t get boxed in parking spaces often, but big puddles are common.

People call it a party trick or a gimmick, and it does blow peoples’ minds when I show it off, but it actually comes in handy often. My favorite is when I’m shoveling snow (no garage 🙁 ). I clear out the driveway in front of it, roll it forward, and clear out the rest of the snow, all without having to climb in with my snowy boots on.

Then there are the times I have something in the trunk when I get home. I park with the trunk by the side door, unload my cargo, then roll the car back a few feet more to line up with the charger.

I only have 2 words for the summon feature, “Love it”

Just another gizmo I will never b able to afford.