It’s Summer… Time To Surf Even Without Waves Thanks to Electric Drive (w/videos)

JUN 24 2014 BY MARK KANE 8

Waterwolf MXP 3

Waterwolf MXP 3

German company DK-Konstruktionen introduced on the market an electrified surfboard – the Waterwolf MXP 3.

We have already seen electric skateboards, so an electric surfboard seems to be just another step in electrification of everything that moves.

The cool thing about Waterwolf MXP 3 is that you can surf even without waves. Sadly, the drawback is that the 5 kW electric drive is pretty loud this time, like a lawnmower (see second and third video).

The range is rated at 20-30 minutes. The energy source is a lithium-ion battery pack, which stores 1.34 kWh or 1.54 kWh of energy depending on the version. Top speed is 30 km/h or 20 mph.

Sales of this device began in April, but to get the price there is need to directly contact the company.

Technical details can be found here.

Waterwolf MXP 3

Waterwolf MXP 3 in test center

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The Wavejet is way better than this. That huge propeller looks unappealing to me.


That’s better indeed.

Is seems likely that most of the sound in those videos is being produced by the aerial camera rig. There was also some wind noise that, at one point, seemed to drown out the flying rig and whatever sound that may have been produced by the surfboard.

I think I would prefer and electric ‘jetski’

Um, wolves don’t surf…

Gonna steal KDawg’s fave URL though… 😉

Maybe they don’t surf, but they do fly…

I was going to say, this thing is pretty neat, but I’ll get excited when I get my Hoverboard, even if they don’t work on water.

(not sure if animated gifs work)

The sound is from the quadcopters used to make the shots, I think 🙂