Substantial Discounts Now Offered on Remaining Coda Sedans


Coda Sedans Now Available at Substantially Discounted Prices

Coda Sedans Now Available at Substantially Discounted Prices

The Coda Sedan no longer holds a place on our monthly scorecard, but could that change in the near future?

No…but Coda Sedans may once again be sold.

“Club Auto Sales and Ready Remarketing have teamed up to provide a great car at a great price. We have purchased the remaining Coda Automotive vehicles and are offering them for sale at a substantial discount. The original cars were priced around $40,000.00 plus fees depending on options.”

Coda Sepcs

Coda Sepcs

Says the newly launched Coda Cars website.

There’s no word on what the “substantial discount” means, but we do know that Coda Cars is willing to sell a Coda glider at $7,500.  As for the complete vehicles, they’ll be sold at a “substantial discount” and that’s all we know.

Should you buy one of these substantially discounted Codas?  Do you know how to repair an EV?

None of these Codas come with a warranty, so buyer beware.

Coda Cars says this:

“Although these cars are now heavily discounted and will not be sold with a Manufactures Warranty, service is still available at various locations. We have purchased the extensive parts inventory from Coda to provide a good supply of spares for these vehicles.”

Apparently, Coda Cars has 100 gliders and 50 complete vehicles.  We’d recommend that you don’t buy any of them though (the lack of warranty and an unknown amount of spare parts should be a deal killer), unless you’re looking for a glider for your home brew EV.

Source: Coda Cars via AutoblogGreen

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Getting insurance on this car has got to be a nightmare. If I were an insurance company, just because replacement parts will be scarce, I wouldn’t insure this car. The 2-star crash test result doesn’t help either.

Your insurance system must be very broken.

European insurance would pay maximum the used market price for the entire car, which will be very low.

I don’t think I’d want this car at any price. Its ugly so I wouldn’t really want to be caught driving it. but more importantly, when it breaks, it’s done. How will you get it repaired?