Stuntman Does Front Flip Over Moving BMW i8 – Video


Stuntman or lunatic? Either way, the video sure is entertaining to watch.

Not content with simply jumping over the BMW i8, this fella decides to kick it up a few notches by doing a front flip over a moving i8.

Front Flip Over A BMW i8!

As you’ll see in the video, the occupants of the BMW i8 look rightfully scared. Will they hit the “stuntman” before he jumps from the ground? Will the fella land on the rear hatch of the i8? There are many unknowns when attempting this sort of stunt. Without some science and math skills, even determining how fast to drive the vehicle can be challenging.

The end result this time is a beautifully executed front flip over the low-slung (yes, that’s usually important) BMW i8. It’s executed to perfection and is truly enjoying to watch. Over and over again.

Front Flip!

And just take a look at this perfect landing:

Perfect Landing After Front Flip Over BMW i8

Now, you’re probably thinking, why not try to back flip over a moving car, right? Well, that’s been done too.

Backflip Over Moving Formula E Race Car

Check out freerunner, gymnast and Hollywood stuntman Damien Walters perform the blind backflip. Damien was actually the one who approached Formula E with this crazy idea. Formula E calls this “The Leap Of Faith.” Enjoy!

Damien’s┬ámovie credits include Captain America, Skyfall and Assassin’s Creed, so he’s been in some of the most mind-blowing action sequences you’ve seen on the big screen.

We don’t recommend trying any of this yourself though.


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Danger Will Robinson!

Somebody did that in a German TV show some years ago (with jumping stilts). Since he show that in that show (after very much training), he’s sitting in a wheel chair (paraplegic from neck)…


Did something similar about 25 years ago with a couple friends and a Chevy Citation. One of the friends now walks with a cane and limp. The other we had to pick glass out of his shoulder.