Stunning Electric InEco Concept Coupe to Debut at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show; Weighs Under 2,000 Pounds (w/videos)




The InEco Concept could quite possibly be our electric of choice if it were to be produced.

InEco Turns Heads

InEco Turns Heads

It looks stylish, especially from the side and it’s what an electric ought to be: lightweight, efficient, fun-to-drive, quick and with acceptable range.

If a perfect electric were to ever exist, it would be done in the mold of the InEco.

InEco is the work of Dresden University, Leichtbau-Zentrum Sachsen GmbH and ThyssenKrupp AG.

It makes use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and steel hybrid composites to keep weight in check.  The curb weight of InEco is only 1,984 pounds.

InEco zips from 0 to 62 mph in 7.5 seconds thanks to its reasonably powerful 121 HP electric motor.  Top speed is listed at 100 mph.

Range is claimed to be around 87 miles depending on conditions, though we aren’t sure of the capacity of its battery pack.

The InEco Concept will make its world debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, but we don’t expect it to move from concept to production anytime soon.

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how is that good looking?

It looks like an alien car is coming out of it’s maw.

Not everyone seems to agree, but I like how it looks

I like it. I have wondered what would happen if an EV really took advantage of modern materials. Unfortunately, I fear the result is a costly car.

Wow, they have nice toys and serious funding. Still too heavy though and poor aero.
Audi A2 uses no carbon fiber and weighs the same.

Back to the drawing board. Try something like this instead.

Where can we buy this?

ThyssennKrupp makes plenty of AC drive elevators world-wide, so its no big surprize they are also moving to horizontal transportation in additon to vertical.