Study: Tightening Emissions Guidelines Will Force Automakers to Electrify!!!

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Market research firm Strategy Analytics predicts that in the coming years, automakers will no longer be able to meet emissions standards without shifting more efforts towards plug-in vehicles.

When It's This Bad, Something Has to be Done

When It’s This Bad, Something Has to be Done, Even if it’s by Government Forcing Change.

If true, then the mandates of emissions will be successful in driving up sales of plug ins.

As Strategy Analytics says, automakers can only squeeze so much out of ICE.  What can be squeezed out will fail to keep pace with tightening emissions standards.  Electrification will therefore be necessary.

Strategy Analytics predicts that electrification will be more of the mild hybrid type than of the plug-in variety, but we’re not so sure we agree with that assumption.

Why develop mild hybrids if ever-tightening emissions standards will eventually force automakers to go the plug-in route?

At this point in time, automakers without mild hybrids in their existing lineups will likely skip that minor electrification step and instead dive into plug-ins.  It just make no sense to us to go mild hybrid now, as that technology is already behind the times.

Oh, Strategy Analytics adds that diesel is likely to slowly vanish from passenger vehicles, too.

Bring on the plug-ins.

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Electrification is the way to lower CO2 emissions. But the majority of vehicles will go the least expensive passive mild hybrid route, incorporating various technologies like auto start-stop, break regeneration and even solar panels, to power a growing list of components, as they transition to electric from mechanical. Like electric power steering, air conditioning, heated seats, infotainment/navigation systems, power ports for charging devices. This transition is happening now, and soon most all ICE vehicles will have some sort of mild hybrid technology. But the largest group will go hybrid, offering all the benefits of a mild hybrid, but including an electric motor for greater mpg and CO2 reduction, at a higher cost that mild hybrid. Plug-in hybrids will be third. Cost will dictate it’s place. Along with requiring the public to actually plug-in will slow it’s adoption, until inductive charging is widely available and more affordable. But plug-in hybrids will still cost more because of the duel powertrain. As battery pricing drops, and range hits 300 miles for $30k, EVs should overtake plug-in hybrids in volume. It then becomes more ‘convenient’ to drive a full EV than a plug-in hybrid that requires two different fuels. But the study is correct,… Read more »

Well duh diesel is to expensive for passenger cars.

Yeah..but diesels are available NOW. The clean burning 328d BMW is rated at 45mpg hwy and is much faster than a Prius. Close to 280lbs torque. Cost is only $1800 more than the gas version.

But what is the real advantage to the consumer? Diesel costs more than gasoline so any improvement in MPG is offset by the higher cost of the fuel.


This study is wrong in that it says will happen, when it is happening and already has happened.

Of course, the Free Market Nazis will go nuts over this, but they have to stop and think for a minute (a very difficult task, apparently).

The price of fuel does not incorporate the medical costs and cleanup costs and warming climate costs. Therefore, pollution caps and minimum efficiencies need to be specified at the Federal level. The Market does not have sufficient information for accurate pricing. You do not ignore the economics of a given technology, but the Market cannot be the sole arbiter of the best solution.

A cap-and-trade on carbon would be a phenomenal, efficient, market-based economic solution. A carbon tax will trample the middle and poor classes, like sales taxes and gas taxes already do.

If I win a large lottery amount, say $400,000,000. I will seek out a law firm that is willing to sue car manufactures for making products that pollute the air I breathe, during a time when we’ve seen proven alternative products that are less damaging to the air. What gives them the right to continue to make cars that pollute the air we breathe? My lawsuit would demand they discontinue making ICE only cars.


Already leased my first EV (2013 Leaf) — I will not go back to ICE…..

Already leased my first EV (2013 Zoe) — I will not go back to ICE…..

Already purchased my 3rd EV (a 2011, 2012 and now a 2013). I have NOT gone back to ICE. Loving life!!!

I use a leaf for the majority of my commuting, and have an ICE ranger for long distance travel.

I think its funny that I, a republican who does not believe in global warming, is doing more for the environment than any of the evironazis here in San Fran Land.