“Stripped Down” Tesla Model S P100D With Ludicrous + Could Blow Away Faraday Future FF 91, Says Elon Musk


Ludicrous + Warning Message

Ludicrous + Warning Message

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter yesterday to make a few statements in regards to the newly released Ludicrous + mode for P100D Teslas.

Although initial testing by DragTimes (limited to just one run down the track) returned a 0 to 60 MPH time of 2.465 seconds with Ludicrous + mode enabled, Musk noted that under the MotorTrend launch standard, the car could probably lay down a 2.34-second 0 to 60 MPH run.

Musk Tweet On 2.34-Second Model S

Musk Tweet On 2.34-Second Model S

MotorTrend uses a first foot rollout procedure that is becoming the norm, but it’s not the same as a true off-the-line 0 to 60 MPH run. It results in a slightly quicker time than the old industry standards.

However, it was Musk’s comment in regards to the Faraday Future FF 91’s 0 to 60 MPH time of 2.39 seconds that’s most intriguing.

The FF 91 that performed the 2.39-second run was a stripped down version with no interior. We’re not sure how much weight was removed from that FF 91, but we’re certain that poundage removed (or not included) is substantial and Musk seems to think so too.

According to Musk, a “stripped down” Tesla Model S with Ludicrous + mode enabled could likely do the 0 to 60 MPH dash in just 2.1 seconds or so:

A 2.1-Second Tesla Model S!

A 2.1-Second Tesla Model S!

So, if you’re looking for nothing more than all-out acceleration, start by ripping out all the interior items in the S.

Or, if you just want to be assured that your S is still quicker than the FF 91, look no further than this tweet from Musk. Apples to apples, the Model S is still the 0 to 60 MPH king/queen!

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Another (Euro) industrial point of view

That’s clever human resources allocation on behalf of the Chinese. Assigning to 10 guys the easy task to play with Elon Musk’s huge ego while the 9,999,990 others are quietly busy designing the 300 miles/$25K EV for the masses. 🙂 🙂

No sure FF has that many employees, but I too find this kind of development a waste of engineering resources. Are those 0.1 seconds really going to create that much additional revenue?

Yes it will. There is a premium to be paid to get the fastest car ever.

Don’t you see? We are talking about FF here and not some gas supercar. So the PR works perfectly. Even 0.1 is important.

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

Exactly, I find this 0.1s race super super super super kindergarten stuff. If they really want to play who has the longest willy then they have to strip down a P100D (the FF already being a skeleton), get extra battery and motor cooling and make the damn thing circle the Nurburgring. Geez…
Makes me want to sell them both something (a swift kick in the butt for only 1 USD, like in Calvin & Hobbes).

I’d rather see them work on Long range Practical “Not so Fast Car” Nice Looking car with Less Bells & Whistles. Most couldn’t care Less about all that speed , I 4 1..I agree with the Chinese.

Agreed 100% !! Give me a reasonable purchase cost and a practical vehicle with more range ANY DAY over a strait line rocket.

Leave the 0-60 antics behind “especially if it adds cost”

Remember, talent always wins… 🙂

Tesla’s kind of lost its way the last few years. Everything is either 0-60 times or autopilot with little work being done in other areas.

My region has no Superchargers and no service centre, so all their talk as if every one of their customers has access to these facilities irritates me sometimes.

I suspect different people work on service center roll outs vs increasing zero to sixty times.

It reminds me when people complain their local police department allocates too many cops to writing speeding tickets instead of making them detectives to solve crimes. These positions require vastly different skills.

If they should abruptly hit a Brick Wall , they’ll wake up to reality..

Don’t be quick to blame Tesla. Your location or more likely, your politicians could be responsible.

So, he didn’t say it’d blow it away then. He just gave an estimated time based on the reduced weight.

Got to love the soullessness of headline writers.

That wasn’t meant as a reply.

The reply would be: 0-60 sells high margin, Autopilot sells the cars. That’s the priority.

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

Mmmh…not even sure 0-60 sells high margin so well. One must be rather unsophisticated to use this as sole yardstick for car performances.

In the automotive industry this long running tradition is referred to as “Race on Sunday, sell on Monday”.

This marketing concept is as old as dirt, and is a major driving force behind billions of dollars spent on racing different forms of vehicles.

And it really has nothing to do with selling just P100DL’s. It is about branding and getting buyers to have a positive, winning association with the brand. Even if the buyer goes in and gets a 3-cyl FWD with 0-60 of 30 seconds. It is all about branding.

Sorry if you’ve missed the point of the entire automotive racing industry over the last Century.

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

I agree with you that this 0-60 figure will very likely impress the newly rich that came from sharing the same noodle bowl with ten of his relatives to owning an apartment with gold plated taps within a very short time period. As for the others, those are more likely to see 0-60 as one of the many ingredients of performances. Now of course I might have too high an opinion of people throwing 100K on a car.

It is clear that you either still don’t get it, or are intentionally being simple-minded. Like I said, the well established marketing tactic is NOT about selling the actual car that goes fast. The marketing waterfall goes down the entire line of cars, right down to the slowest Model 3 or slowest Chevy Aveo. This is not about new rich, or any pretentious clap-trap you fabricate. It is about branding. If you don’t understand the concept of branding, please read up on it before responding. In fact, what Tesla does with branding has also had a waterfall affect down to OTHER BRANDS of much slower EV’s. All we used to hear about EV’s was how they are glorified golf carts that were portrayed as slow and zero joy to drive. Tesla blew that meme out of the water. If it weren’t for Tesla, all EV’s would still be painted as being as slow as whatever the slowest EV is. You might not care personally how fast your EV is. But the entire EV industry has massively benefited from having a Halo EV for all EV’s that destroys the meme that all EV’s are slow and no fun to drive. Why… Read more »

Model 3 is the biggest thing Tesla is working on. Evolutionary improvement of the Model S is not even close.

But having bragging rights as the quickest production sedan ever built, or whatever, does help sell more Model S’s, X’s and build the brand for the rollout of Model 3.

“Tesla’s kind of lost its way the last few years. Everything is either 0-60 times or autopilot with little work being done in other areas.”

Well, if you ignore the buildout of Gigafactory 1, the development of the Powerwall and Powerpack, and solar roof tiles. And of course, the major push for development of the Model ≡…

+1 – thanks

FF is the ones who looks stupid.

To much light on that door panel.

I-10 from Arizona to midland TX area could use 3 SC too. Supercharger network is why I bought my model S.

There’s 1 currently under construction in Van Horn, and if you look at the 2017 map on Tesla’s site, at least three more are planned between Tucson and El Paso. Plus many along Hwy 25 to Albuquerque. So relax.

This reminds me of motorcycle horsepower wars of 80’s and 90’s. They went from barely 100 HP and 500 lb in mid 80’s to almost 200 HP and 25% weight reduction by mid/late 90’s due to intense competition (Harley “bikes for geriatrics” excluded). Results were bikes doing quarter mile in high 9 range, and even mid size bikes making well over 100 HP (3 lb/hp). They’ve calmed down now, but some of the bikes we see today are wickedly fast under right twist of the wrist.

I used to laugh at car people when they talk fast. “You mean that Lamborghini only _looks_ fast, because it sure as heck isn’t” It’s like laughing at Italian Sports cars lagging P100DL and FF91. EV’s are taking the competition to another level, like the motorcycles did couple of decades ago. If the history is any indication, exciting times ahead!

True, motorcycle just blow any sport car on acceleration, easy does it.

False – A Tesla time of 2.1 to 60 beats any production motorcycle:


Having owned 2 of those bikes on that list, let me say it is HARD to hit those numbers.

It takes a dynamic launch where you pre-plan your weight shifts, your throttle position, your clutch release, your counter-lean against radial pull, your head position, knee placement, etc.

Do it wrong and you either spin the back tire or bring the front wheel off the ground and have to trim the throttle ruining your time. Or worse…

Most squids never get anywhere near those times.

In a Tesla, you don’t have to do any of that. Any granny can pin the skinny pedal and hold it and achieve these times.

It’s hard to beat AWD Tesla to 60MPH due to traction and high CG of bikes. But many bikes do quarter mile under 10 seconds, and best I saw from any Tesla is high 10’s, almost full second slower.

By the way, Nix knows his sh*t. He took the words right out of my keyboard. Great comment, Nix! *respect*


Media = Free Advertising. And, the greater the Vehicle Bragging-Rights (VBR)– the bigger the demand generated. Automotive companies have used these same techniques to move product, for over a century…

To the chronic nay-sayers: If twitter works for a buffoon like Drumpf; no reason Elon can’t use it to accelerate the move to sustainable transport.

I was agape, when Tesla lopped that second off the 4-second P85. To think we’re entering the sub 2.5 second realm, at any weight, is amazing!

If the next-gen Tesla Roadster is built on the Model III platform, it may best the P100DL if it can get enough current to the motors. The prototype FF vehicle did well because it has a very large battery. But, that said, if Proterra put a motor on every axle and made enough wiring modifications, they would redefine Rapid Transit.

Musk has all but promised that the future Roadster will be even faster than the Model S. Shouldn’t be too difficult for them to engineer a much smaller car to go faster.


Relax Mr Musk! Let’s see if Faraday can get a full on production vehicle out the door, before we start stripping Teslas!


Or, if you just want to be assured that your Model S is still quicker than the FF 91, just buy a production version of the FF 91, and run the production version of the FF 91 against your Tesla Model S……


Seriously doubting the FF will ever see mass production.

Elon playing the free media game and also helping FF by compaing to them…
Aparently Elon likes EV competion and reduced global warming more than some posters here…

Then do it Elon. Put up or shut up 🙂

Let’s really be fair though. Do it with a Model X not a Model S…

I’m relieved to see that, despite the sensationalized title of this article, Elon did not lower himself to mentioning soon-to-be-bankrupt Faraday Future in a Tweet.

Now that would be Ludicrous™!

0-60 times are important for electric cars because:
1. They are an advantage over ICE cars.
2. The times posted rival that of ICE cars costing a HELL of a lot more.
3. Bragging rights.

Besides, if the side-effect of using electric motors is instant and insane acceleration, why not market the hell out of it?

1) I’m impressed that Elon replies to many tweets, pretty busy guy, still has time for this level of response; 2) the response was not specifically aimed at FF but to the question of 0-60 timing. No doubt Tesla could mock up this run easily on their test track with a striped out mule, but probably just want to make salable cars; 3) not sure about this, but I get the impression 0-60 time is just a by product of their cars, not something they specifically engineer. Would love to know if the P100DL has anything specific, apart from bigger battery and software, compared to 100D? ota updates that give a faster time indicates to me that it is just software optimisation rather than specific hardware. I love seeing these times, I’ll never be able to afford it, just like I love seeing Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. and never afford them. The fact it is achieved in a reasonably cheap, luxury sedan is the but that makes the news. How many parts like this so you see about the EV Super cars? Not as exciting as that is what they are supposed to be able to do, but Mum and Dad’s… Read more »

The interesting thing about these crazy times is that it doesn’t cost that much to make.

Once you have the big battery, acceleration is relatively easy. We all know that the P models havr much higher margin. When there is a lot of competition in the space, we really might have 300 mile evs with 3 sec 0-60 for 35k.

Chevy has to consider this. Imagine a sporty bolt with AWD. Add $5k and have 4 sec 0-60. Cheap, fast and likely profitable.

” Imagine a sporty bolt with AWD.”

That is a nice thought!

“Add $5k and have 4 sec 0-60. Cheap, fast and likely profitable.”

Hmm … maybe. An extra electric motor wouldn’t cost that much, but I’m not sure the Bolt can be reconfigured so easily to fit one to power the rear motors. It would be extremely cool if GM pre-engineered it to do so, but I’m guessing it would take a fairly significant redesign.